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    Default Free week after 70 nights stay ????

    Wrote this question 3 days ago but it has not been posted. Either it is not suitable or you did not receive it.

    My son informed us that we should be recieving a free week as we have spent so much time at Sandals. He was mixed up. We have only ever been to Couples. Apparently after 70 nights at Sandals you receive a free week. We reached our 70 nights at Couples negril last November. Off to Couples Barbados in August for 2 weeks.

    Any chance that Couples would consider such a great incentive? Probably not as they get so many repeat guests.

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    We met a couple two years ago at CN and they stayed 8 of 10 required weeks for a free week at Sandals. I think they were on their 5th trip back to CN. That says a lot for Couples for the fact they never went back to Sandals two more times for the free stay. Couples doesn't need the cheap marketing campaigns to get guest to return. Couples knows that their service and atmosphere get their clients to return year after year.

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    After 4 years, some of those night expire. Can't remember how many though.

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    We let our Sandals points expire & we had enough to pay for 2 free nights there because once we found Couples, we've never even considered going back. I'm not saying that I wouldn't LOVE for Couples to give us a free week after 70 nights stayed because we'll be going over that mark this December ..... But I'm not going to stop going there if they don't.

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