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    Default Married in April!1

    I am so excited. I just booked our wedding for April 12 at CTI. I went back and forth on which resort to stay at. I hope I made the right choice. Anyone has pictures of CTI.

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    We've never been to Jamaica period, but we chose CTI as well - ok, we also chose CN, but that's the 2nd leg of our trip.

    Anyway, we'll also be at CTI during your stay. I'll make sure to buy each of you a drink.

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    Congratulations! You're going to love CTI!! We were supposed to be married there and ended up getting married at CSS because of the renovation at CTI in April 2008 (no regrets as CSS is a beautiful resort too). Only you can make the choice on which resort to stay based on the one that calls to you. With Couples...there is no wrong resort, just one that satisfies you more. As requested, here are some pictures taken this past April when we were there:

    Enjoy and have a great weddingmoon!!

    Bart & Bug

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    Default Married in April

    Congrats!!!! We will be at CTI also in April 2010... 4/6 will be our 25th Anniversary.....and YOUR wedding day of 4/12 is my hubby's 50th Birthday! We'll buy you a drink!!!

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    There will be a large, crazy, friendly group of CTI repeaters there from around 4/12 - 4/25. You might make some lifelong friends.

    The April Amigos

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    Hey Lisa! Can't wait to see you guys! Of course, CTI is always the correct choice. We first visited in 1996 and have come back to Jamaica every year since. We have been to CSS and CSA because of the renovations at CTI and have to admit that CTI is still our favorite. You just can't go wrong with any of the Couples resorts!

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    Sharon - we are So looking forward to seeing you guys too! We are going to have the best time ever!

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    Hey Lisa! I suppose we can leave you guys alone for your anniversary but Roger's birthday might be something that we want to celebrate with all 16 of us! Or is it 18 or 20! Who knows! The group keeps growing every year.

    I'm so hoping that the guitar is going to accompany Roger on the trip. We really need that little bit of Jamaica past, to become alive again. A wedding and a big birthday on the same day. Wonderful!

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    Thanks everyone for your warm wishes. Can't wait to meet everyone. Warren and I are always looking to meet new friends!!!!

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    Thanks everyone for all your warm wishes. We can't wait to meet everyone. Warren and I are always looking to make new friends. I hear there's going to be a birthday party the same day. Wow our day is planned. Wedding will be at 12noon. All is welcome! Your CTI friends from Alabama.

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    CTI is an outstanding choice..You and yours will love each and every minute there.
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    Here a link for pictures:

    Enjoy and you will have fun. Good Luck.
    Irie Mon

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    Hey brnskn1976, we are also getting married on April 12th, except we are going to CN. We are first timers, and I am soo excited I can hardly wait. It was a very hard choice on where to stay. I'm sure wherever you stay is amazing, I haven't heard many complaints about Couples. Well congrats and I hope you guys have a wonderful time!

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