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    Default Booking or reserving activities at CN

    We are looking forward to going to Couples Negril for the first time at the end of November. A couple of questions: for beach and other activities offered by the resort is it necessary to book these the moment we arrive or else risk not being able to participate? I have also read a few comments about bug bites and the use of repellents. Is that more prevalent in the summer months or is November/December also subject to this?

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    If you're talking about snorkeling or SCUBA or the catamaran cruise...these don't have to be booked the moment you arrive but are best booked a day in advance. We've only been there in the Spring, although Jamaica is in the tropics and temperatures remain pretty constant, and found the sand fleas only a problem in the evening. Not a problem if you use a bug spray with 40% DEET around your ankles. Have a great visit!!

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    Thanks for your reply and kind words.

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