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    Default Scuba Diving for Diabetics

    Does anyone know if type 1 diabetics are allowed to scuba dive at CN?

    My husband and I were booked for a dive excursion on our honeymoon through one of the cruise lines and they would not let my husband dive because he is insulin dependent. Since then we have spoken to a PADI shop and were told that he could difinately get certified as a diver, but must have his doctor sign a PADI authorization form. His doctor has completed the forms for PADI, but we haven't yet gone through the certification process.

    So, long story short... would Couples allow him to dive if we provide them with the documentation that PADI requires?

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    You should contact Couples directly for the answer to that. If yes, I'm sure you will need a copy of the form from the doctor.
    I am a diver, but I'm not a doctor. However, it seems that some doctors don't fully understand the complexities and risks of diving. I know of a case where some one's doctor approved him to dive and he only has one lung! The dive shop said no to letting him dive. Maybe he'd be fine, but not worth the risk. Ultimately it is their final decision to make.
    Just be sure that he is totally comfortable with the idea, and maybe talk to another doctor (perhaps one who dives) and see what they think. Not saying your doctor isn't a very good doctor.... Just being overly protective for you

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