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    Default Jellyfish @ CSA??!!

    Just read a review of a jelly fish encounter at CSA. Please tell me this was a one time thing!

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    I wish it was a one time thing, I hate those stinking Jelly fish! Last year was the worse, I usally throw on a t-shrit before going into the ocean so I don't burn, well a stinking little jelly fish managed to get up in my sleeve and I couldn't get it out fast enough. I have been stung once on every trip, my DH has yet to be stung and he is right next to me when it happens. For me it feels like a really bad ant bite ad leaves a small welt, only lasts a few hours.

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    Have been there numerous times Feb and Mar and never seen a jellyfish.

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    We have been to Negril 5 times - and 3 visits were shared with the jelly fish. This past April was a plus with not one in sight. I think depends on time of year and weather - all that said they are large enough to see and stay clear of

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    My wife and I went to Swept Away last May 2012 for our honeymoon and we didn't see any around us but someone was stung by a jellyfish while we were there. :/

    We just got back from Couples Tower Isle and did not see any/hear about any while we were there.

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    I've been 4 times in the past 2 years with my (now) husband (got married at CSA 4/20). Never saw a jellyfish. Rays, yes. Needlefish, yes. Many other fish, yes.

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    If you snorkel, you will meet hundreds of very small - less than 1"x1" - jellyfish.
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    Just returned from a week at CSA and did not see any jellyfish in the water. Saw a few starfish and did get a nip on the heel from a crab while standing in the water.

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    Bob got stung by a jellyfish a few years ago in January at CSA during a snorkeling outing. So they are there. However, the good news is that neither one of us has been stung on our past few return trips to CSA.

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    Been there Jan. 2010, 2012, and 2013...............never saw one jellyfish !!

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    when I went in aug last year I did not see any,but it is the ocean and jelly fish live in it. Jellyfish do not stay in one place for very long so its just luck of the draw and time of year as to what you will encounter.

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    I have been to CSA twice and have never seen any jellyfish. My only encounter with one has been in Antigua. Not a pleasant experience. Enjoy your vacation. Love CSA!!
    12/2010 CN
    04/2011 CSA
    02/2012 CSA
    12/2013 CB
    12/2014 CSA

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    lots o jellyfish when we were at cn..but it IS the ocean...

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    was at TI in April. Not 1 in sight

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    I have been to CSA 4 years in a row now and never stung. That being said, I have seen a couple smaller jellyfish in the water. I just don't obsess over them as stings are not all that common. I can't see how anyone can relax and enjoy Couples while worrying about all of the things that may go wrong, no matter how unlikely. I also have no allergies so as a sting may hurt it will not be a major problem. Here are some suggestions if you do get stung at CSA or in any water along any beach.

    First try these time-tested remedies to help deactivate the toxin and relieve the pain of jellyfish stings:
    •Vinegar - Sprinkle liberally around the sting with household vinegar to deactivate the nematocysts that are chiefly responsible for the classic pain and itch of jellyfish stings. White distilled vinegar, or apple cider vinegar, seem to work best.
    •Urine - The old wive's tale that sprinkling urine on the wound has been around for years, but remains a highly debatable option among the professional medical community. While research studies have not proven its effectiveness against the pain of jellyfish stings, there's enough anecdotal evidence that says it really works. (And if you're stuck at the beach, it's a lot easier to produce than a bottle of vinegar.)
    •Baking soda - The classic Atlantic shore home remedy said to be especially effective against common stinging nettle jellyfish. Simply mix 3 teaspoons of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of salt water until a thick paste forms, and apply. Mix with salt water only. Fresh water tends to activate the toxins.
    •Aloe vera gel - Known the world over as a natural sunburn remedy, aloe vera has also been shown as effective for jellyfish stings when applied liberally to effected areas to help soothe the itch and aid in healing.
    •Unseasoned meat tenderizer
    •household ammonia
    •lemon or lime juice
    These are more home remedies that jellyfish sting sufferers often attest to as safe and effective cures for painful stinging. If nothing else works, try one of these.

    After applying your homemade cure, inspect the area around the wound and remove the stingers. Experts say the easiest way to do this is to cover the area with shaving cream and scrape with a safety razor. If you're at the beach, use soft sand and a shell to scrape away the stinging cells.
    •Pain relievers - Simple aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen will help keep the pain to manageable levels and help you get some sleep.
    •Hydrocortisone cream - Quick over-the-counter relief for painful itching and swelling.

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    Just got back from CSA, spent lots of time in the water and was never stung. I think I saw one (clear with no tentacles), but I never felt one. Don't worry about them. No problem, mon!

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    Thanks everyone! I'm not so worried anymore, but thanks for all the tips just in case!

    40 days till CSA!!! Can't wait!

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