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    Default Pub Crawl Week of July 8 2013?

    we are interested. How do we sign up and where do we find dates?

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    Hello Dawnth, I just posted a thread about doing a pub crawl on July 9, 2013 (although it may not be up yet). I have already contacted Lenbert about this and he is okay with a private crawl as long as we have 15 people. So, respond to my thread and we can see how many people we can come up with.

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    Hi Tiff&Ed and Dawnth
    We are at CSA from July 2-16(h-moon). Would most definitely be up for the one love bus bar crawl with Lenbert. Have heard great things on this board and Hopefully we can get enough for a private crawl, if not i may try joining the one on Sunday July 7? haven't emailed Lenbert yet though
    61 days, whooohooo
    Cpuff863 (and Lethal)

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    If you are interested, email Lenbert at and let him know how many are in your party and that you want to join the Couples Swept Away crawl for Tuesday, July 9th. ~64 days!!

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    I contacted them directly and booked for july 10. So feel free to join us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawnth1 View Post
    I contacted them directly and booked for july 10. So feel free to join us!
    Thanks, Dawnth. We just didn't want to do the 10th, since it looks like the Beach Bonfire at CSA is held on Wednesday evenings. Didn't want to miss it!! Have fun!

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