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    Default CN - July 2013

    Going to CN on our honeymoon, July 21st-28th. Hope to meet some new people

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    We'll be there a week ahead of you, July 8-13, sorry! Conrats and have fun!!

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    Check out MEETUP and go to the CN section. You'll find your peeps.

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    I was checking out MEETUP but it seems as though everybody is going to CN in all the weeks around us. Starting to make me wonder why I can't find anyone during the week of July 21st. Hmmmm.........very interesting. LOL

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    My wife and I will be at CN that week with another couple. Our second time, their first.

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    I was thinking the same thing until I saw your thread. We will be there 21st thru 26th. So at least there will be one other couple there

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    My wife and I will be at CN July 20th-28th! No fear...there will be plenty of people for you to meet. You can find us close to the hammock near the sundries hut or at the bar talking with Elkie...our FAVORITE CN employee! See you there

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    Will be our first time to CN in July 2013. Can't wait!!!!!

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    I see your from Philly??? Where abouts? I'm from Levittown, not too far from Philly. It's nice to see that there will be some local friends at CN the same time we are

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