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    Hello, my name is Emma and my fiancé and I are currently planning our wedding and honeymoon. We will be getting married December 27, 2014. The biggest concern that he has is that it will be too hot, he is a personal heater as it is, does anybody know if Jamaica is really warm in December-January time frame.

    As for me I'm just wondering if it is worth it to come here? What is everybody's favorite thing or what's the most amazing part?


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    It averages 75-85 degrees all year long and as far as being worth it?, we just returned from trip #5 to csa, once to css so yes, I'd say its worth it. We got married at csa in 04 and it was the best day ever. If you would like some pics of csa, email me at

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    Is it worth it?? well we got back from CTI at the end of April. We are going back in the end of August! You betcha it's worth it!

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    Emma -

    If you look at the enthusiasm in the posts across the message board, I think you will agree that Couples is worth it. I am going to be getting married at Couples Negril in May of 2014. This is wedding # 3 for me, but is her first. We weighed a lot of pros and cons for this.
    Every girl dreams of a big wedding - I didn't want to deny her a truly special wedding, but I also didn't want to put my family through the ordeal for a third time either. I can't imagine many ladies would turn down a chance to get married in a tropical paradise, so this satisfies her wish for the special wedding.

    Family involvement - You love your family and welcome their involvement in your wedding. However, by the time the wedding day comes, you are ready to disown most of them anyway! LOL. We are inviting those who are able to join us for the wedding. We realize not everyone can come, which is unfortunate. However, we also realize that having fewer people to worry about hosting, the more we will be able to focus on each other.

    Dealing with family that can't come - We plan on hosting a reception once we get back. Not a typical reception - we are thinking more of just a big party with friends and family. Definitely casual and laid back. This way those who couldn't go to Jamaica can celebrate our joining, without having to get a passport.

    Wedding Dress/ Groom's Wear -We plan on fully embracing the casual atmosphere of the island. She is looking at a variety of casual wedding dresses - something relatively simple. I've seen two brides already wrestle with the traditional wedding gown, and felt sorry they had to endure that! I plan on forgoing the Tux altogether. I plan on wearing a simple white cotton shirt, Khakis, and sandals.

    Less Stress - I know all too well how stressful and complicated planning a wedding can be. We cannot express how thrilled we are that couples provides a wedding coordinator. The entire marriage process is so simplified, that we literally don't have to worry about much more than just showing up.

    I think that with the elaborate weddings that we see today, the couple is so distracted by all of the "details", they don't have time to focus on each other. Your wedding day should be a joyful occasion where you can focus on the person you are marrying. A tropical wedding in paradise will be an event you will remember, without any regrets, your entire life.

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    December is a great time to be in Negril. The high temps are low to mid 80's F and the lows are mid 70's...very, very pleasant almost perfect.

    Favorite things...Beach, people food and this...

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    How hot it will be depends on you and what your use to. We're from the AZ desert and deal will 110's in the summer so for us no it not hot. If you get warm just hop in the ocean.

    Is it worth coming? Our three trips to CSA (#4 is 15 days away) have been worth every penny and then some.

    The most amazing part of our Couples vacation isn't something we saw/did. Its when all four kids have some after school thing at 3 differant schools and he's worked 10 nights in a row; why we have a king size bed i don't know we never sleep together, and we are feeling more like business partners then lovers that the amazing things happens. One of us will mention something from a past trip or how many days we till we can return and we know that the reason we fell in love is still there. Now I don't think Couples can save a marriage, but it sure can help to keep that spark burning bright.

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    As softtail stated, the temps stay fairly constant all year in Jamaica. On average, December is slightly cooler than, say, July and August. The biggest difference is that the humidity is less in the winter months, so it does "feel" a little cooler. All-in-all, Jamaican weather is quite nice year round.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Was in Jamaica one year in January and it was very pleasant, much more so than in April through September. I remember it got a bit chilly at night.

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