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    Default Celiac at Couples

    I was diagnosed with celiac about five years ago and follow a gluten free diet. Also, due to chronic gastritis I really adhere to a low sugar, no grain diet. I know, awesome, right? I emailed couples about this, and I was so pleasantly surprised that someone responded quickly. Actually it was beyond quick - they responded within the hour (if this is indicative of the type of service we will get at CSA, I am already ridiculously excited). Anyway, they responded that I can meet with a chef when I get there. I was just wondering if anyone else has celiac disease, or follows a special diet, and what their experience was like eating at couples. Sometimes I bring my own snacks and stuff when we travel because it's such a pain in the butt.

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    I too suffer from gastritis and and also stick to the same diet as you (i can eat some gluten) I also had gastric byass several years ago. I never had an issue finding anything to eat. I might spend more time going over the menu or through the buffett but it is worth the time. I eat little meals rather than three times a day and I found it works well, even though sometimes I feel that is all i do! There is plenty of salads, fruit, and fresh meats as well as fish. Make sure to check out the veggie bar, they have lots of great choices as well! Have fun and bring your meds, i bring my tagemet and imodium. Also watch your fruity mixes, I tend to stick with diet coke and rum with an occasional foray into dirty banana land! also the veggie bar will have some great drinks, non alcohol but awesome !

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    I don't have celiac disease but I did meet and become close to a woman who had/has celiac during my most recent trip to CN last fall. I am a vegetarian and she had celiac and we were both overjoyed at how wonderful Couples is to provide plenty of delicious food that meets both of our dietary restrictions. She and her boyfriend and my husband and I spent quite a lot of time together during the week that we were there, and she always seemed happy with the food choices. Of course, meeting with the chef is a good idea (I don't know if my newly-made friend did or not) but I wanted to let you know that it seems like people with celiac disease do just fine at Couples.

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    I was diagnosed with Celiac about 1.5 years ago and had NO problems with couples. We went to CSS last year, I emailed them beforehand and we met with the chef once we arrived and he assured me we would have no problems. Each time we went to a restaurant I would ask to speak with the chef and they would come out and let me know what I could have (if it was a buffet) or would plan a special appetizer, meal and dessert for me with my input. When we arrived for the starlight gala the head chef had set aside some soup for me before he had added the flour to the rest and then proceeded to walk around and tell me everything I could have.

    I had severe anxiety before arriving because it was our first vacation since being diagnosed but I was put to ease and didn't have any problems. My only suggestions would be to 1) realize that your meal may take a little longer than normal and 2) if you go to the gala....grab your dessert first, by the time I got done with dinner the GF desserts had already been taken

    Enjoy your trip!
    Honeymoon @ CSA 2010; CSS 2011 & 2012; CTI June 2013

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    My SIL is celiac. Before our weddingmoon trip in 2008 I contacted Couples about it for her, and was amazed also how quickly they replied to suggest she meet with the head chef. While there they went out of their way to help find alternatives. Since she couldn't eat our wedding cake they brought her a fruit plate. If a dish had sauce on it (a no no as you know, thickened with flour) she had them leave it off. When she couldn't eat the desserts they found her chocolate. She got to know many of the staff better than we did. lol. I'm sure you'll be just fine, enjoy

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    I am gluten intolerant and eat grain free. I stayed at couples Tower Isle. I must stress that it is important to speak with the chef. They are very helpful and more than willing to acomodate.I would try to select which restaurant I would be eating at ahead of time and let that chef know. That way they could make preparations. If there isn't much selection or something that day you wish to eat. They will make you something with your input of course. I would also like to stress. My husband and I of 25 years went there to renew our vows. I let them know ahead of time that I was gluten intolerant and was worried about the cake. I was put in contact with a chef and he assured me there was no problem. HE even told me he could make my cake in chocolate if I wished. I was pleasantly surprised. He told me not to worry and I was going to be fine at Couples. I can honestly say the cake was moist and beautiful with chocolate cake with white fondant. They did a wonderful job.


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