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    Default SPA Hours (10 Am Wedding CTI)

    We have booked our wedding at CTI for 10 Am. The Spa brochure says the hours are 9am-..My question is if the Spa doesn't open until 9am how will I have time to get my hair and makeup done? Also, my fiance wants to get a haircut/shave that morning? I have found this board incredibly helpful and I really hope someone can give me some information on this..Thanks! -Kim

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    I haven't been yet - we are going in 3 weeks. But I would suggest doing the trial run for your hair the day before, so that the staff will be prepared and have your vision in mind when you show up the day of. Couples seems to be pretty accomodating, so I'd say just remind them of your wedding time when you arrive and I'm sure they would be happy to help in any way they can.

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    Just my opinion but I would have your honey get his haircut at home. You might see funny tan lines afterwards . Congrats, we got married at csa and I'm sure cti will be awesome. It was the best day of our lives! Have fun!

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    We got married at CSS in March and I am assuming both resorts run pretty much the same...they opened early for me to come in for hair and make up. Also they stayed late the night before because I needed my nails done and we were on the ziplining tour until closing time. The salon was very accommodating to me for our wedding. I'm sure CTI will be the same. When meeting with the wedding coordinator at the resort, she made my salon appts for me as well as escorted me to the salon to choose my hair and make up ideas. Couples will make it perfect for you! Congrats!

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    Thank you all for your advice! I truly appreciate every person who has responded or congratulated us on our upcoming big day..I have spoken with the wedding coordinator and it appears as everything will turn out just fine with getting my hair and makeup done the morning of..I am so excited and absolutely cannot wait for September to get here Even the planning through couples has been fun, exciting, and effortless. CTI here we come in 74 days! -Kim

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