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    Default Getting married @ CSS on 10th October 2013 - what's the protocol?

    Hi, we are getting married and really looking forward to it. I believe that our wedding is at 11am, which I am going to try to change to a later time as it is just the two of us going. So my question is That as it is just the 2 of us, what is the protocol of the day??? Obviously I don't want to go get married and then change back into my bikini and sunbathe for the rest of the afternoon (I want to wear my gorgeous dress for as long as possible), but I also don't want to feel like we are hanging about. So I would love to hear from other couples that have done this with just the 2 of them and how the day went...

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    We gor married at csa, just the two of us. It was at 10 am and we were blessed with gorgeous weather. It was a second marriage for us both and we wanted simple and beautiful which we got. It wasn't important to me to wear my dress that much. To be honest, We couldn't wait to get things done and start our honeymoon! We changed into our suits and hit the beach. We had a reservation that evening at the fancy restaurant and dressed up for that. I do understand you wanting to wear your dress more, it's a special day after all. With the heat, I just didn't want to wear it that much. It's your day, do what you want, congratulations, you made a great choice in css. Its a gorgeous resort, (we were there in 09). You are going to have a blast!

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    Bunny, one other thing to consider is that it's hurricane season and tends to rain more in the afternoons. Most of the time it's a brief shower but you can never tell. If I was getting married again at css this time that time of year, I might choose the wedding gazebo. It's very pretty and private. Good luck!!

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    Maybe I am getting nervous now about the October weather... but it was decided by
    1st time to Jamaica, and have wanted to go for so long
    2nd wedding for us both, sadly, but it's the experiences of life that brought us together
    3rd big birthday bash that we have shared as a couple together in that the BIG 40 strikes me on 22nd October. and I really wanted to be married whilst in my thirties and not forties (terrrible reason really)

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    Most likely the weather will be just fine, don't worry, just have fun planning. It was the best decision we ever made getting married at couples!

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    I've read on this board (and also read some blogs of brides who were married at one of the Couples resorts) that after they got married in the morning they changed out of their wedding attire, but then changed back into their wedding gown for dinner. That's an option for you if you are getting married anytime other than late afternoon/evening. Personally, I can totally understand your desire to wear your wedding gown for as long as possible!

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    We got Married at CSS in OCt 09. We had the 11 time slot also. What we did was after the cermony and till we got pics done it was around 1ish. We stayed in our outfits and went to the beach bar for lunch and drinks. After that we went back to our rooms and got changed in our suits and went to the pool bar , the had dinner later that night. Once we were back home we planeed a celebration party a couple of months later and we get dressed back into wedding outfits including her dress and played the video to the poeple there and then had a party. Made the people think we just got married and were having the reception afterwards.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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