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    Can couples provide nutritional information for their restaurant menu items? My wife is part of a diet program that requires she count calories, carbs, fiber, etc. that many restaurants provide for their menus. While she does plan to take advantage of all inclusive benefits while on vacation, she still must track what she is eating/drinking. Just looking for some information. Thanks in advance.

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    Default tracking....

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    Sorry, but there is no chance of that. They have over 50 menus per resort, which change every 2 days or so. You can still eat healthy and take small portions, but she'll have to forget the counting while you're there!
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    Please go elsewhere! If you go to Couples this is a lost cause. Go to a health resort in Arizona instead. My first trip I was fortunate and only gained 6 pounds, for the honeymoon. Three years later we went back and I was so excited to be back I showed no restraint and gain 11.5 pounds. Our last trip (5 1/2 anniversary) I was better and only gained 6 pounds. Some hints - bring protein powder and have that in the morning - I really believe that helped in satisfying my appetite in the morning. At least I felt like I didn't need cheese for breakfast to get calcium. For breakfast they'll make egg white omelets if she wants. I took Crystal Lite powder and a container for mixing and storing it in (you'll need another one for the protein powder). The rooms do have refrigerators which is wonderful. Don't - I repeat don't drink sweet tea - that syrup must be loaded with tons of calories. FYI - an omelet made with smoked salmon is wonderful - she might need to take it to the omelet station but they're very willing to add it to the omelet. Lastly - good luck staying away from the desserts. That simply won't be possible!

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    We just got back from CTI and have been following a nutrition/exercise program since November. We were able to continue working out on vacation but the nutrition pretty much went out the window for us. We stuck to the salad bar as our first stop--got fresh lettuce and fresh produce. The 'steamed' vegetables appeared to be in butter...the grilled fish appeared to be in butter, etc. We just tried to make the best choices for the week and avoided the fried foods, the pastries, the desserts, etc.

    Well we avoided desserts until the last night...and after 4 months of no desserts, didn't take much to be in a sugar induced coma

    I wish her luck...and have her watch ALL ingredients in her drinks. We were at CTI and asked for a fruit smoothie at the veggie bar. Banana, Papaya, Pineapple in the don't add that, yep, about a cup of syrup. Needless to say, we couldn't drink it, just too sweet. So make sure she asks for drinks with NO sweetner.

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    one more thing: make sure she asks for salad dressing on the side. on the buffets, they had balsamic vinegar on the side we used instead of the dressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicki View Post
    Please go elsewhere!

    I'm hoping you didn't intend for this to sound as rude as it does, but I cannot tell you how many times I've seen a repeater on these boards use the words "go elsewhere" or something to that effect and I just find it completely abrasive!

    To the original poster: if your wife is accustomed to counting calories, she should be getting familiar with portion sizes and their nutritional equivalents. I bet she could do some rough estimation and get close. Maybe bring along one of those pocket size books with nutritional data for some help. In any case, there are always plenty of healthy choices at every meal at Couples and you can request items cooked a certain way (without sauces, etc.). Go and have a great time!!
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    I actually lost 6 lbs on an 11-day cruise once. You can follow any diet plan while on vacation, as long as you know what is okay to eat.

    If she wants to count calories on the trip, she's going to have to spend some time doing so. There is a diet board that has a great calorie tracking program, here: Go to the "My Plan" link. It requires some innate knowledge of portion sizes (ie...did you just eat a cup of soup or a cup and a half), but she should be able to track her calories with a reasonable margin of error. She is going to need to keep a little notebook with her to write down her food (including the types of sauces, etc that come with it).

    I think calorie counting will be possible, but a giant PIA. A better approach might just be to only eat foods that shouldn't be a problem calorie-wise. Eat a lot of fish (other than fried) and other seafood. Eat chicken, lean cuts of beef (like tenderloin), and veggeis. Skip sugary drinks, desserts, breads, and "junk food" like fries, nachos and pizza. Instead of dessert--have fresh fruit at the end of the meal.
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    Vacation. No counting calories. I expect to gain anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs at Couples...and I thoroughly enjoy it. LIFE is too short to be on a diet. I know that the weight will come off within days of coming back home just by going back to my normal eating. (No dairy...whole foods...Raw as much as possible). So, since you are going on Vacation....that is what you must do. Vacation. Take a vacation from the word Diet and enjoy enjoy enjoy. The food is too good to pass it up because you are on some diet program. You will only regret the things you didn't try later.

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    Go to CSA and take advantage of the wonderful fitness center. I worked my butt off to lose 20 lbs before the trip. I showed absolutely NO restraint while on vacation, but used the fitness facilities and only gained 2 lbs back.

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    Please chefs don't even think about adding nutritional info to the menu .. Eating on vacation is my escape from the daily grind of watching and being good!

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    I go along with Wally (small portions) and tami&jason (careful choices). Hubby and I always look forward to the food at Couples but we dont put on any weight when we are there, - and no - we dont spend our time at the gym, we mostly lie on the beach and read!

    This is what I typically eat (I'm 5ft 2ins and weigh 106lbs):

    I usually have fruit, followed by smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast (plus lots of lovely blue mountain black coffee); salad (as tamijason says, use the balsamic, not the dressing, it tastes better anyway)grilled fish or meat (whatever is on offer that day)and veg (but not potatoes) followed by more lovely fresh fruit for lunch. In the evening I choose whatever I want BUT never eat desert.

    To drink: I have champagne over ice (or sometimes white wine and sodawater) from the beach bar before lunch and the same in the afternoon - its really refreshing in all that heat. I drink red wine with meals and have a vodka martini before dinner. It works for me. Try it and good luck!

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    I'm guessing WW, since the new program doesn't count whole fruits and veggies, stick with those as much as possible. Beyond that you can always opt for salads and make requests for things like grilled chicken ( with no sauce). Avoid things that you know are high in points (dairy, fatty foods, breads). If she's been doing it for a while she likely has an idea of what foods are best for that diet.

    I have gluten/dairy sensitivities and I've already contacted the resort to make sure it won't be an issue. They assured me it wouldn't be. At home I just stick to eating fruits & veggies and some meat and I stay safe. I pretty well know what works for me.

    Thanks for the tip on the smoothies. Do you know if the juices at the juice bar were straight juices or did they try to add things to those too? I juice regularly and I was happy to see that there is a juice bar available.

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    We always go to Couples for 2 weeks (It's a 10 hour flight from the UK). Holidays are about fun and indulgence so we go on a diet before we go. That way we can enjoy all that great food without finding our clothes not fitting when we arrive home.
    Ian and Vanda

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    We just got returning from CTI and have been following a nutrition/exercise system since Nov. We were able to proceed operating out on holiday but the nourishment fairly much went out the screen for us. We trapped to the healthy salad bar as our first stop--got clean lettuce and clean generate. The 'steamed' fresh vegetables showed up to be in butter...the cooked seafood showed up to be in butter, etc. We just tried to create the best options for the weeks time and prevented the meals that are fried, the pastries, the sweets, etc.

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    lets not ruin Jamaica with American communism.enjoy and live for a week.

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    I honestly don't know how anyone can stick to a low-cal diet while at Couples .... Know for me, it would be a lost cause & I try not to even think about it. If I can just limit myself to 1 dessert at each meal, I'm doing good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LifeLoveEnergy View Post
    Vacation. No counting calories. I expect to gain anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs at Couples...and I thoroughly enjoy it. LIFE is too short to be on a diet. I know that the weight will come off within days of coming back home just by going back to my normal eating. (No dairy...whole foods...Raw as much as possible). So, since you are going on Vacation....that is what you must do. Vacation. Take a vacation from the word Diet and enjoy enjoy enjoy. The food is too good to pass it up because you are on some diet program. You will only regret the things you didn't try later.
    I agree that life is too short to diet But some of us have dietary restrictions based on health! BOO! I was sitting here today trying to decide how bad it would be if I went off my gluten free diet for a week, just so I could have the stuffed french toast!!!

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    Wondering how that worked out last year (see posting dates).

    We have found that even with all the temptations we do not over indulge to a great extent. Since we are used to eating smaller portions and looking for healthier options when eating out we find it pretty easy to keep to a reasonably healthy diet while on vacation at CSA. Most of the meals served at CSA are already in relatively small portions, some folks even complain about this fact. But for those that are hardier eaters seconds or more are happily served for the asking. As far as deserts, most of what they serve is just too sweet or rich for our taste. We will occasionally split something, but only if it is something unusual or a particular favorite. We will spoil ourselves at the Cabana grill on one or two days for lunch, splitting some onion rings or fries with a sandwich or burger, but most days find us eating something much lighter at Seagrapes. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast at Palms. I have to admit this is my one meal each day that I cheat a bit, but not too much. Our other weakness while at CSA is frozen drinks on the beach and martinis before dinner. We do tend to splurge on these, but we also hit the gym most mornings and take a nice walk on the beach everyday.

    Hey, it is a vacation after all.

    See you at the beach!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    I am 5'8" about 130. I always loose weight on vacation and this is why. Not just sitting at my desk or in front of tv.
    Lots of walking around the resort and up and down the beach. And I drink alot of RSL. LOL
    I don't do breakfast, have light lunch/snack at Sea Grapes or Grill and then eat decent sized meal at Palms or Patios for dinnner. And I do snack in room on stuff I bring like combos/pringles. Sometimes do dessert depending on what is offered.

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    Last fall I worked hard at losing 25 lbs. then at Christmas got the flu and lost another 10. Went to CSA/CN in Mar and ate and drank whatever I wanted but in moderation. Did not use the fitness centre but did walk the beach and sports complex daily. Came home with a 2 lb wt gain and that was gone within a week. Losing weight and keeping it off is not easy but is really a lifestyle change. At Couples it really isn't hard to eat relatively healthy if that is what you want. Good luck to your wife in her weight loss and enjoy your trip to Couples.

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