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    I know at Couples Negril they have a room with a few computers for you to use. Does Couples Swept Away have this too or should I bring my laptop???

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    Yes,csa does have an internet cafe. Its upstairs in the Greathouse

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    Yes, it is located in the great house

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    Yes, there is an internet café at CSA. You will not be able to up or download anything, but email, facebook, etc. are accessible as well as the Couples site and general web browsing. A nice convenience we like is the ability to print out our boarding passes the day before we leave for home. Please, no photo printing though. The café is a nice respite from the heat as it is A/C and usually has hot coffee. By the way it is all included for your use and open 24 hours.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    CSA has an Internet cafe, we still bring our lap tap. I love checking in from our veranda.

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