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    My wife and I are so excited to make our first visit to CTI in 12 days. (5/26~6/2)

    If anyone has played tennis there before, could you tell us whether they strictly require to wear the proper tennis shoes?
    Our goal is to avoid bringing too many things and to use our casual shoes when playing tennis. Any thought that this might be a problem?
    Also, I suppose they would rent all equipment there.
    Lastly, how busy is tennis court in general?

    Thank you for your feedback in advance!

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    We're tennis newbies and took the beginner classes with Colin on our last trip to CTI. He never said anything about our shoes (we wore casual sneakers since we don't own true "tennis shoes"), but some more seasoned players on the message board may have different advice for you. Couples has equipment for guest use!

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    I don't think Coupes rents anything. It's all free for guests to use, as long as it's an activity on the resort. Golf, of course, is not on the resort, but tennis is.
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    Thank you for sharing the info

    6 Days to CTI!
    So excited.......!!!

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    We have been to CTI for the past three years (always in February/March), and played tennis each time. I wore proper tennis shoes at the last visit (and maybe the one before that), but wore regular sneakers the first visit. No one said anything to me, and I can't recall anyone else being told to wear different shoes. They have all the equipment there for you to use for free. A tennis pro is there most days, but, if he is not, there is equipment and balls at the front gate.

    There are three levels of classes each weekday (beginnger, intermediate, and advanced). When we visited CTI, the resort was full, yet the attendance at the classes varied. There were times when I was the only one there; at most, I think there were six people taking a class, and that was rare. I don't know the capacity of CTI when you will be there, but I would doubt that it would be any different when you are there.

    Outside of the classes, people did use the courts periodically. But there are three courts, and you should have no problem getting a court if you want to play or practice by yourself. Many times, all three courts were available.

    At the end of the week, they have tournaments. I have never played in one. There is a prize if you win the tournament. And there is a good chance that you might be the only ones who want to play.

    The tennis lessons are fun. I can still hear Colin telling me to look at the ball, and follow through on the shot.

    I hope that is helpful.

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    So just to clarify they have tennis rackets at the resort for you to use that you don't have to rent (I only ask because we had friends stay at a non-Couples Resort that was "all-inclusive" but if you lost a tennis ball it cost $20, and you had to rent rackets).

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    Quote Originally Posted by acp9489 View Post
    ...we had friends stay at a non-Couples Resort that was "all-inclusive" but if you lost a tennis ball it cost $20, and you had to rent rackets).
    Geez... $20 for one ball!?! That's nuts... I've only been to two AI resorts, and they were both by Couples. Between the benefit of beach flags, the fact that drinks truly are unlimited, and all the activities that are fully included, I may never want to go to a non-Couples resort! LOL - glad I love Jamaica!

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    The tennis equipment is free. I do not know how much equipment they have, but on the three occasions we were there, I never heard anyone not be able to play. If you are playing on your own, the tennis pro (or the front gate) would give you a racquet and some balls. If you are doing a lesson, Colin would give you a racquet and use a hopper full of balls.

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