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    Default Split Vacation -- CSA and CTI

    Hi there,
    We're considering planning a vacation for August to Couples after a disappointing time 2 years ago. We stayed at CN (the last of the four resorts for us to visit), when I got medical tests back at home, that turned out to be an emergency (torn carotid artery). After the hospital trying to get contact info (eventually from my mother in law), the hospital called the resort on Sunday and on Wednesday, and NO ONE bothered to find us or get a message to our room to tell me to call home. Luckily it all worked out (found out by accident when checking for resort credits at front desk on Thursday) -- I am OK and did not stroke, but needless to say we were very disappointed in the lack of accountability with finding us or with managements response (or lack thereof). Luckily though, we're now able to travel. We tried a different place last summer but would now like to go back for a big birthday for me in August.

    My question is really about doing a split vacation. My husband's birthday is August 6th and mine is August 9th. We've been there before for his and ATI parties on the beach leading up to his birthday (and Jamaican independence day) are a little loud. So, we're considering doing a split for August 3 to the 7th at CTI (avoid the holiday .. lol), and August 8 to 11th at Swept Away. We were wondering:
    1. does anyone who might have done it recently have an idea on how long the transfer would take
    2. do you just let them know when you register (or remind them) that you're on a split vacation and when you want to transfer
    and 3. do you think it's too quick to do four and four?

    Thanks for any input and looking forward to being able to travel again. :-)

    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA '07 and '08
    CTI '09 and '10
    CSS '09
    CN '10

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    I think the transfer is about three hours. We are doing four at CSA and ten at CTI on October. This is the first time we've done a split. It will be interesting to see how it works out.

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    Hi Christine,

    Sorry to hear about your incident at CN but hope this visit will be much better. We've done a CSA - CSS split and found that:
    1. The transfer takes about 3 hours.
    2. We let them know when making reservations, doing Romance Rewards pre-check-in and during physical check-in (on the last one was where we determined the time we wanted to make the transfer). Just to be safe we also checked with the front desk the day before to make sure everything was irie.

    With regards to your last question (3.) only you can decide if a 4/4 split is too quick. We've actually found it to be good. Just when you've settled in to the first resort you're able to "restart" your vacation at the second. We try not to do splits "across the island" as it seems we lose too much vacation time but prefer to do them on the same side.

    You're welcome and have an awesome trip!

    Bart & Bug

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    Yes, the actual driving time is about 3 hours, but you have to get up early, pack, drag your bags outside your door for pickup or up to the front, wait on transportation, drive, check -in, wait on room, unpack...... Most of the day has gone by.

    In my opinion if you are doing a 4/4 split I would stay on the same side of the island.

    We did a split at another chain several years back and they made us go back to the airport and then to Negril

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    You will lose one of your vacation days checking out of CTI, repacking, traveling 3 hours, checking in, and then getting unpacked. It seems like you'll just be getting into the relaxing vacation mode when it will be time to leave to go the other resort. Personally I wouldn't do it because I know we will go back someday and can do the other resort then, but only you know what's best for you. Good luck and I'm so glad everything worked out okay concerning your medical issue.

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    Nick and I did a 5/5/ split, between both sides of the island. We really enjoyed getting both resort flavors! It was a 3hr. trip. We asked to leave at 8 and were at the other resort by 11 am. We checked in and were settled by lunch. It was a great experience. I would go for it!!

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    We did 4 nights at CTI and then 5 at CSA in April. The trip is about 3 hours. We put the transfer in the comment section of our romance rewards pre check in and also reminded them at CTI we were going to transfer. Do your mini bar and returning guest gift requests during your check in for BOTH resorts. The packing and moving is a pain though. We found out there was only one other couple making the same transfer and after talking to them we agreed to leave about 9:00 am rather than the 10:00-10:30 am that was the usual. This way we got to CSA early enough for lunch and to enjoy the afternoon sun. Ask at the desk who else is transferring and try this. We did most of our packing the night before we left so there was no rush with getting breakfast before leaving CTI. Enjoy mon...

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    We have done a split with 9 days at CSA and 4 at CSS to meet relatives staying at CSS. No problems except for having to repack and unpack. We requested a time to leave, we thought we might have to stop by the airport, but Couples sent us in a car/taxi right to CSS. We enjoy the drive so the time spent does not bother us. The trip is even better if you get a driver that is pleasent and informative on the way and deserves the tip we give him. Because we like both resorts and it is hard to choose between them, we are booked for 7&7 next December.

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    Thanks for all the great responses. I guess we figured it would be about 3 hours; will just have mentally decide to enjoy that ride time. I never thought of someone else doing the transfer so thanks for the tip about finding out if there is anyone else that happens to be. Definately hope to get a personable driver. Leaving at 8:30 or 9:00, and getting to CSA for lunch is definately what we were hoping for. If the room is ready, that's a bonus; if not, Seagrapes for lunch and the beach until it is. I figured it is a good idea to remind of the split trip/transfer multiple times .. lol. Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, since it's not commonly done.

    With the way we'll be doing it, we get to enjoy Eight Rivers for hubby's birthday and Feathers for mine. We'll be looking to book tomorrow so definately getting excited. No medical emergencies this time (or there better not be .. lol). Thanks again for these responses or any others that my come. :-)

    CSA '07,08
    CTI '09,10
    CSS 09
    CN '11

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    The secret seems to be the day you make the transfer. We traveled on Sunday morning and it was smooth sailing, 2 hours. George at CN is a pro.

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    We just did 1 week at CSA and 1 week at CSS. While the resort offered free transfer, we opted to hire a cabbie for the day. It cost us a little more, but it allowed us to make the day a sightseeing day so it didn't feel like a day "lost" in transfer. Instead of losing a day to packing, transferring, and unpacking, it became our day to see Fort Charlotte, Green Grotto Caves, a local craft market, off-resort restaurant, etc.

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