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    Default Honeymoon... Which resort is the most romantic & which spa is best...

    Brand new to the Couples world, getting married next July, and trying to decide where to honeymoon.

    I am mostly curious which resort you guys think is the most romantic.

    Also, which spa is your favorite.

    Thx in advance!

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    First, congrats! We had our wedding and honeymoon at CSA. Since we have also been to CTI and CSS.
    We enjoyed them all, and I think they are all romantic, however, I think CSS would get my vote for the beautiful, large grounds, followed by CSA, also for the grounds. CSA wins for the beach though.
    As for the spa, out of the 3, CSA was the least wow by far, but maybe it has changed since 2008. The room was a small, closed in room/hut in the spa area across the road. The beach setting would be nicer, but less private. CTI is the most modern and zen like with nice indoor rooms, the budah pool and hot tubs, but CSS is the most romantic, again, IMHO, for the rustic, but private, 3 sided massage huts set on the hillside, each overlooking the ocean in some way. We did two treatments in two different huts and loved listening to the waves and the birds.

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    We're getting married in July too and our honeymoon will be our first time at a Couples. We decided on CSS for the beautiful grounds! Can't wait!

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    What a tough choice! After four trips to CTI and one to CSS, my husband and I have had some very romantic moments at both resorts. It is what you a make of it, like most things in life. CSS has a slight edge, in my opinion, as far as romance goes. The lush beauty of the grounds, the way everything is spread out, so many secluded little spots to stop and enjoy. I'd say for a honeymoon CSS would be perfect!

    The spa at CTI is probably my favorite as far as atmosphere - the massage rooms are cool, peaceful and serene and everything is fairly new (the spa was built during the remodel in 2008/9). The facilities are world class - gorgeous, very professional, and relaxing.

    However, the best actual massage I've ever had in Jamaica was at CSS. Joan got knots out of my back that had been there for months. That being said, I found the spa huts on the cliffs to be hot and stuffy in the afternoon. So, if you book there, request a morning appointment.

    Congratulations and best wishes for your wedding!
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    The CSA spa is no longer in the small enclosed room but is quite comfortable and beautiful even though it is indoors accessible from the reception area at the Sports Complex. My wife and I had a wonderful couples aromatherapy massage last March. We will be there on 5/27 and will get our second couples massage on the 28th. Last year we waited until day 5 of our visit which meant we could only enjoy the "after glow" for two days. I'd go with the lemongrass even though vanilla and lavender are tempting. I'd also arrive early and enjoy the spa's soaking pool before the massage.

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    I spend a LOT of time at the spa at CSA (no longer a little hut). The treatment rooms are nice. My only complaint would be that you can occasionally hear outside noise from the sports complex. Ask for Colinette, and tell her Suzi sent you...she's AMAAAAZING!!! (I'm only telling you this as you go in July, not April or October like we do hhaha!)

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    so no guests here have gone to CN which gets my vote - reasons are smaller intimate resort with lots of private and quite couple areas; lush grounds; beautiful beach with lots of walking at the surf; rooms are quiet and virtually noise proof with nice large balconies - married at CN and just returned from our 10th anny trip - 5th trip to our heart's home with other vacations between - none that gives us the Couples time at Couples

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    Only been to CN but soon to be 3 times in 1 1/2 yrs. The rooms looked adequate but the best is a massage in either the beach hut or the treehouse. Dianne, Margaret, and Millicent very good. Millicent got a little too strong handed with my wife but if you like really deep massages, she would be good.

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    There is nothing more romantic than having a couples massage at CSS in one of the outdoor huts that is on the cliff. There is something about the cool breeze and listening to the waves crash that is simply amazing. CSS also has lots of winding paths and quiet places to explore. However, we also love the buddha tranquility whirlpool at the CSA spa. Bob is not a big fan of massages, but he consents because he likes hanging out in the buddha pool prior to the treatment. The new spa facility at CSA truly is world class. And CSA is no slouch in the romance department, either.

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