Hello, hoping some of you could answer the following, please:

1. Is the mineral pool at CSS completely salt water? Is there any chlorine used? Not sure if anyone would know this for certain.

2. Is there A/C in any of the restaurants if some relief from heat is needed?

3. Are there any one bedroom ocean suites that require less walking up the steps than others... yet still have the great views? I might have some issues with my legs, but really want the great views! Are there any shortcuts that can be taken? And if not, are there areas in between to stop and rest if need be? Really hoping it won't be an issue, but it's possible it will be because of health issues I have right now.

4. Is there shade on the beach?

5. Has anyone been to this side of the island end of July and experienced good weather? I realized anything can happen and it can always change, but interested to hear your experiences. Hoping to plan a last minute trip in the next day or two