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    Default Going to propose at css. Need good ideas?

    I am planning to propose to my girlfriend at CSS. What is a good spot there or the most romantic? Is there someone I can call at CSS that would help with the planning? If anyone has any information that would definitiley be helpful and thank you in advance.

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    CSS is full of romantic spots, so finding a special one should not be a problem. However, I think the most romantic would to be the private dinner at Sunset Beach. I met several couples who did the dinner at Sunset Beach and said it was the romantic experience of their marriage. Sunset Beach is completely secluded, and you will be the only couple in this private area during your dinner. You will have a private butler to serve you and a private chef. The area is lit with candles and tiki torches. At the end of the dinner they provide you with a wishing Sky Lantern. To me a perfect way to ask for your girlfriend's hand in marriage, is before releasing the wishing Sky lantern is say something special like " My wish for this lantern, is that I could have you as my partner for the rest of my life- will you marry me? " , as you get down on one knee.
    Wherever you end up asking her, be sure to tell the servers or workers around you that you will be doing it, so they can help set the mood and not ruin it.
    Good luck

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    The wedding gazebo. The natural mineral pool. The balcony of your room. A private dinner at ssb. On stage at the gala (if you are confident of the response).

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    A private dinner in the wedding gazebo is probably by far THE MOST romantic spot in the whole resort. If you want to make it a big showing, you could see about doing it at the Friday night Starlight Gala. When we were there, there was a fantastic sunset we watched, with the sax player playing in the background. A sunset proposal could also be very romantic, although if you are indulging in the AN while you are there, you might have trouble finding a good hiding spot for the ring while you wait for the proper moment...

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    I'm sure if you tell the staff, they would be more than delighted to lend a hand. Try to contact the romance concierge to see if they have any suggestions

    My husband and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary with a private dinner on Sunset Beach. That was very romantic - candles, private chef and waiter, delicious food, champagne. We had the whole beach to ourselves.

    As far as romantic places, the resort is full of them. They have a gorgeous pond with interesting wildlife, if you're into that. There are so many secluded and hidden paths everywhere that you're bound to find a perfect spot. Spend the first day walking the resort and see if something jumps out at you. The hidden hot tub above the mineral pool is nice, as is the natural mineral spring.

    I'm sure when you find the perfect spot, you'll know. Congrats!!!!!

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    How about proposing during a private dinner in the Wedding Gazebo?

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    I am sure Couples will help , but I would suggest you contact one of the Couples photographers . You will see them around or just ask the desk. They probably have a hands on idea of where is a good spot, and will be there to get a great picture for you. There is a gagezebo that overlooks the bay that would be my suggestion.

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    hit the contact us and email them! they helped me with my perfect proposal durring a private dinner on SSB. We were just there and had our dinner on April 28th,it was just the 2 of us with our own waiter and personal chef. the waves were crashing on the beach for back ground noice and it just couldnt be beat! the tough part is getting the ring to the table! its going to be hot so there is no jacket to hide it. I used gourmet fortune cookies ( I had the ring in 1 and the proposal as the fortune in the other) I told Shawna that a couple from work had given us these gourmet fortune cookies to be had durring our dinner, she believed me and had no clue I was asking!! IT WAS PERFECT!! someone else mentioned that there are so many little hidden gems of places to ask and they are absolutely right! something to keep in it early so you can enjoy the rest of the vacation as an engaged couple!!
    wishing you the best of luck!

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    Thank you for all your response, They have really helped, schwieso I like that idea may have to use that one and sweetness in the sand that was goodone definitley made me laugh. Again, I appreciate all the comments and Thank you.

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