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    Default Construction at CSA

    Hello! I am a virgin-poster to the Couples message board and this is my very first post. I have been reading your very helpful posts over the last couple of months trying to decide between Couples & S then between CSA and CN. I am very happy to say that in a few more days my hubby and I will be lounging on a beach chair in the powdery-soft white sand in our height of glory at CSA!

    Just a couple of questions for those who have recently been there or may have some inside information regarding the construction going on at CSA. What can you share with me? From what I've read it sounds like The Palms is under some great renovation. Any idea when it is expected to be done. Is there any other construction going on at the resort? I just want to prepare myself. This is our very first Couples vacation (we been to many other all-inclusives) and I am really hoping for a special, romantic getaway for my hubby and I to spend some quality time together re-connecting.

    Also, I booked an atrium suite. For those of you who have an opinion to offer I'd be glad to hear it.

    Thanks for all of your great posts and I look forward to posting my own personal review when we return.

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    You'll love the Atrium! That's all I got

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    Don't know about the construction but the Atrium Suites are my favorite. Good choice!

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    The Palms/north pool deck area are undergoing some renovations which are on schedule and due to be completed on October 6th. The Great House and main pool are unaffected. All of the other restaurants at CSA are open.

    The atrium suites are our favorite. Have your breakfast outside on the patio and watch the birds wake up with you. Let the tree frog symphony lull you to sleep at night. Go spend an evening with Ultimate Chocolate at the Aura Lounge. Try the banana stuffed pancakes. Eat every kind of soup they offer, they're all wonderful. Take the nature tour, glass bottom boat and the catamaran cruise. Go see Elvis down on the beach if you want to jet ski or parasail. You'll love CSA.
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    I posted a similar topic. The construction is going on at the Palms and the pool. It will be done on 10/6.

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    Default no worries man!

    We were at CSA for the first time 2 weeks ago and LOVED it!!
    I was also very concerned about the construction and when we arrived there was alot of noise in the lobby at check-in which concerned us. We were there for a quiet relaxing vacation and being in the construction business at home the last thing we wanted to hear was hammers and saws.
    Let me assure you, the entire week we did not hear one single hammer bang from the construction. The only time we really noticed anything was when we went to lemongrass and the bottom floor of the building was closed off, that was IT. It did not interfere at all in our fantastic vacation.
    I believe it only has another week or two until completion anyway.
    Also we stayed in the Atrium Suite, it was everything we wanted and more. Nothing seemed dated or old, the bathroom seemed newly rennovated. It was quiet and comfortable and we LOVED it. I cant imagine staying anywhere else! The hammock alone is SO worth it!!
    You will LOVE CSA!!

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    Jodmeister we leave sunday for CSA too! Hope to see you there! Hey I have The Palms reserved for my bday dinner with 16 other guests and I wasn't informed about any rennovations! I hope this doesn't affect my dinner.

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    I am so glad to hear all of this--we booked this weekend for January at CSA--it will be out third trip there (we've been to all 4)--we always get the Atrium Suites because we like the privacy and the hammock--and sometimes there are weddings going on just outside the balcony--very romantic. One thing I love about the Atrium Suites is that there is no TV---I am a TV addict and I need this time out! The only thing that is better to fall asleep to is the tree frogs....You will have a great time. Don't let any construction keep you from Lemongrass--it's the absolute best! Never found a Thai restaurant I liked nearly as much. Have fun.

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