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    Default CSA Ocean Verandah vs Great House Verandah

    We booked a trip to go to CSA in November, which is when we normally go but this time there was not to much to choose from for the room categories so we went with the Great House Verandah! We have always stayed in the Ocean Verandah, so I am wondering if there is anyone out there that has stayed in both of them or anyone can give their input on what they think of the Great House Verandah!

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    bump for an answer

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    We usually stay in a beachfront verandah suite at CSA (which is exactly like an ocean verandah suite except for the location). A few years ago, we got to stay in the Greathouse. On the one hand, we really liked being close to the internet cafe, Patois, Feathers, and Aura Lounge. We spent a lot of time in the Aura Lounge on that trip. The room itself was certainly comparable to a BFVS. The Greathouse has a different feel (more hotel-like) than the Verandah rooms. Bob made the comment that it almost seemed like we were staying at a different resort. I certainly would not hesitate to book the Greathouse again, but we do prefer the BFVS rooms. Also, if you are a late sleeper, the maid carts start rolling at 9:00 a.m. in the Greathouse, and on the tile floor, they make a decent amount of noise. It didn't bother us because we are early risers, but I've read others commenting on the cart noise.

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    We just returned from CSA & stayed in a Great House Verandah Suite. We LOVED our room & the view was way better than what we were expecting! We actually had a good view of the ocean, swim up bar, & cabana grill. A few perks of being in the GHVS are that you are close to a number of things such as the cabana grill, Patois, gift shop, Aura Lounge, etc. A few downfalls would be being on the complete opposite end of the resort from Palms, Lemon Grass, gym, & the lobby. As far as the room goes, it is very similar to a hotel room, but very big! We had plenty of room to spare. We heard some noise early in the morning & late at night, but it was not anything that kept us from sleeping. I don't mind sending more info or pictures by email if you would like.

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    We stayed in a GHVS for our honeymoon in 2008 and had no complaints. Like others have said, Definitely more of a hotel feel and we had a view of the ocean as well. The building itself is air conditioned which wasn't my favorite as I thought it was pretty cold, but the temp in our room was great. This year we are opting for a BFVS, but I still think the GHVS are nice. One of the perks I noticed was that when it would rain in the afternoon (we went in may and it rained about every afternoon for an hour or two which really wasn't a big deal), we were steps away from patois so we could grab a bite to eat and we were close to the hot tub by the swim up bar. As far as being on the opposite end as the other restaurants, we were on vacation and in no hurry so we rather enjoyed the walk. Hope that helped!

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