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    Default running on CN beach

    Is it fairly easy to run on the beach at CN or would you stick to the treadmill in the gym? I wasn't sure how far you could safely go on the beach and if I would have to stop each time I got to a new resort to "check-in" with the security guards? I definitely don't think I'd feel real safe running outside the resort along the road but would love to do some beach running if feasible. I'd assume the sand if fairly flat near the shore in the mornings...any other runners out there?

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    The beach at CN is good for running, it is very safe.
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    Wayne the the trainer at the gym does a morning beach run every day, check with him when you get there.

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    I'm hoping to do some early morning runs on the beach this Sept. I recall that I have seen a lot of runners in prior visits, some locals, some not. I think you'll be fine. I agree with the road though - not a good idea. Going to the gym in a bit to do more cardio training! It's gonna be HOT!

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