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    Default Favorite desserts at CSA

    Please tell me your "not to miss" desserts at CSA...or the best restaurant to get desserts at the resort. I'm a big fan of desserts!!

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    Sorry to say, but I've been less-than-impressed with the desserts at CSA. The sorbets are yummy, and the petite desserts are pretty, but in my foodie opinion, lack a lot of flavor. Anything chocolate isn't the same as chocolate we're accostomed to. I must say though, that our wedding cake was AMAZING!

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    The dessert sampler for two at Feathers is a great way to end the evening there.

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    bananas foster...yummmm

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    Patios and Feathers!! Yummy!!

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    I am not a huge dessert fans so I'm not much help when it comes to my Must Have which is, the soft serve Ice Cream. I'm an addict of Ice Cream.

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    Agree with the above opinion that desserts look better than they taste. Nothing wrong with them, just not to our liking in particular. I love to bake and am very particular about my baked goods desserts. We prefer fresh fruit for dessert while at CSA. However there are a couple of items that we always look for: Ginger ice cream, spicy/sweet and oh so good, we have only seen it at Lemongrass, and not very often. Also a Jamaican treat; corn bread pudding, hot with a cup of coffee. Yummmm!
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    The chocolate tarts at Patios!

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    Lemongrass - the chocolate chile cake or spicy chocolate cake. Can't remember the exact name but, it was GREAT! And, it didn't sound good to me but my wife tried it and now I love it too!!

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    I liked the Tia Maria cake at Patois. Most of the mini desserts at the palms lacked flavor, but looked pretty. The crime brûlée there is served in a large bowl. The key lime pie was decent.

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    The crème brulee (sp?) at Lemongrass is to die for!

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    There was a green tea creme brulee that was very good. Also agree that most of the desserts are lovely to look at, but are lacking in flavor.
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    Never get as far as desert - too much food!

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    I had the creme brulee at Feathers that was really good.

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    creme brulee was amazing. also cheese cake was very good at feathers.

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    I don't even like creme brulee, but I LOVED the creme brulee at Feathers - we had rosemary flavored once that was out of this world!!

    And the fresh fruits are awesome!!

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    Don't care for chocolate at couples --- it's not bad, just not what I am used to. Anything fruit though... I am all over that. Bananas flambé... Oh. My. God. I had never had it before traveling to couples, and I always look forward to having it when they have a beach night. Now I am craving those, and I would probably burn down the kitchen trying to make some.

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