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    Default Tips on what to pack, not the typical.

    This is our first trip to CN and my goal it to pack lite. I read some creative packing ideas suck as beer coozies, straws, bug spray, any other ideas?

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    Take multiple swim suits, both men and women. You will not be sorry and will appreciate having a clean dry suit to put on before heading out in the morning. Also if you have multiple electronics devices that will need to be recharged pack an extension chord. It will allow you much better access for plugging in your devices than crawling around to reach an open wall socket every day. Don't forget to pack any special charging devices for rechargeable batteries, cameras or what ever as well.

    Have a great trip!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    go with carry on luggage. We read everyone's advice, Ignored most.....They were right! Pack everything you think you need, then remove half.

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    First aid items - bandaids, hydrocortisone cream (I got bite by an ant and was glad I had this), anitbiotic cream, benedryl. If you are going to have wine and sparkling wine in your mini bar at the same time (but not drinking the whole item), you may want to bring and extra cork for one of them. A small flashlight is handy for the room and for walking around in the evening. I take a small 'dry bag' to put in my beach bag for a camera, lip balm, money and anything else that you don't want wet or sandy. Take some bubble wrap and extra ziploc bags for fragile bought items.

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    We are carry on only packers and always pack light.

    We pack a power strip to plug in our electronics, one with a longer cord.

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    Good idea to pack light. We've been to CN 8 times and take only a carry-on and still always come home with stuff not worn. Here's the deal -- unless the weather is terrible, you'll be in a bathing suit and shorts/cover up during the day. At night, you can wear (nice) shorts or other casual attire to most restaurants. And you can wear the same thing more than once since you're only wearing it a few hours.

    Bring a sun hat. Hydrocortisone cream is good in case you get bitten -- it's the tropics! A beach bag to carry your book/Kindle, towel, etc. Lip balm with sunscreen. Aspirin and other OTC medicine. BTW, all the above can be bought at CN but it's cheaper to bring it with you.

    I brought a bar of soap b/c I hate liquid soap and tiny soap bars. The shampoo and skin lotion provided are first rate! Don't forget your camera batteries. Women -- you really don't need a purse. Bring a bit of cash for spa tips and beach vendors.

    As others have said, take half of what you think you'll need and you'll be fine. Most "necessities" are readily available at the resort.

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    For those that only bring a carry on... how do you bring sunscreen and any other "liquid type" stuff?
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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    I also agree with Jassycat. A little first-aid kit is a MUST, believe me I ALWAYS end up using it even though I think I won't!! A perfect resort/Caribbean vacation kit that I have perfected after three Caribbean trips is as followed

    Tylenol/Aspirin/Ibuprofen/Benadryl/Pepto/Dramamine/Hydro cortisone cream(preferably prescription grade)/Antibiotic ointment(preferably prescription grade)/Antacids/Aloe/Bandaids/Cotton balls and swabs/Alcohol swabs/Synthetic gloves/Strong bug spray

    I know it sounds like a lot but these things take up very little space and can be really useful!!! I have yet to be on a trip where I have not used at least three things from this kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lsm1212 View Post
    For those that only bring a carry on... how do you bring sunscreen and any other "liquid type" stuff?
    I found these containers on Amazon called Goo Tubes, and we fill two of them with sunscreen and that lasts for 4 - 5 night trip. I bring a 3 oz tube of my Face sunscreen as well.

    We each pack a quart ziploc and do not duplicate items. I pack the conditioner (always bring my own), bug spray (also available in towelettes), 2 tubes sunscreen, toothpaste, and my makeup items (I am low maintenance) and my husband has his list.

    I have learned that towelettes are available for a good variety of specialized uses (make up remover, bug repellent, hand sanitizers) and these do not count as liquids.

    We have found that less is more and it has been a long time since we checked a bag.

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    I am not a big fan of Grace's so I go to my local Chik-Fil-A (they have the best ketchup packets) and grab a couple handfulls or so. I bring 2 with me to breakfast and lunch each day (I eat ketchup on just about anything).

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    Must be from Europe. LOL.

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    I don't do all carry on because I don't want to carry two heavy bags through the airport or buy sunscreen at the resort, but I still try to pack light. I use my beach bag as my carry on, then put a change of clothes for dinner, swim suit, camera, phone and wallet. I don't carry anything else on the plane. By the time we get to baggage claim in MoBay our bags are waiting for us, so there is not wait time. If ever I took too much of something, it's sandals. Oh well, live and learn. Now I wear my athletic shoes for travel. They are heavy to pack and the thought of walking barefoot where thousands of other bare feet have been grosses me out. Then I have them for exercising, which I do while on vacation so I can eat more good food! Then I try to double up by wearing a sundress to dinner, then using it another day for a cover up. I have a couple that I can do this with and then pack a couple of nice dresses for the more formal events. We take the bug wipes, but haven't had to use them. I also take ponds facial clothes as they don't have to be in the quart bag.

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    For those who want to carry on . . . you'll need to buy sunscreen. Well, if you only go for 3-5 days, you might be able to carry small containers. But, for us, the benefit of not checking bags overshadows the added expense for sunscreen on site.

    In terms of shoes, I (a woman) bring beach shoes that are OK for dinner, a pair of sandals that can be worn for casual or dressy nights, and athletic shoes (worn on plane). That's all I need for up to 10 days. As noted, you may want to bring a lot more . . . it really depends on you. If you want to bring a carry on, you can make it work. If you want to wear lots of different clothes/shoes, check a bag. There's no right or wrong answer. It's your choice.

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    Acid reducing medication (i.e., Pepcid) if needed.

    The gift shops carry Tums and Pepto Bismol but nothing for acid. I always bring my own, now :-)

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