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    It has been a few years since my husband and I have been at Couples Negril and my memory of dinner options has become a little foggy. I am aware of all the restaurants and the beach party but I also seem to remember something being set up around the pool one evening? I didn't see anything about it on the website but perhaps I missed it (or am confused?...a very real possibility. Ha Ha) Anyway, just wondering....


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    International Gala Buffet on Saturday with vendors around pool I think is what you are thinking - we had our first visit in 4 years and only real difference is no more dinner salad buffet at Casava - still there for lunch

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    We were there in April and they had a few vendors set up around the pool the evening they did the Cassava Terrace dinner on the beach. The repeaters dinner was set up by the pool this time as well. Last time we were there we did that in Lychee.

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