Hi All
Sorry this is so long in the making, just been real busy. This place was simply awesome, I have been in the hospitality biz for 29 years and was leary of AI resorts. CSA rocks all the way from the food, service, watersports, location. BTW I had the premier beachfront rm 1228 upstairs, loved it, more privacy on second floor.This message board gave me many hints, tips and great ideas that I will pass back on to you. Catamaran cruise was a real gas, dont miss it, I think they dont go on Thur & Sun. Seagrapes was fantastic, sweet potato chips every day, miss them now.Ultimate chocolate and piano bar was so much fun, go on Tue and Thur I believe when they play name that tune , men vs women.This was a ball. Wed night was steel drum show, Silverbirds, dont miss this. Of course Friday beach party was a dont miss also. BTW I spoke with the General Manager one day, and they are running in the 90% occupancy rate through June, so dont hesitate or you will miss out. I got a couple san flea bites the first day as did my wife, but that was it.
All in all, I loved this place, give it a solid 10, questions? you can reach me at bobbykart@gmail.com.