We just got home on Saturday from Negril and Swept Away. Without going into great detail I will simply say both resorts are better than ever!!! Most days we had to pinch ourselves to remind us that we were not looking at a beautiful picture in a travel magazine but actually at the two of the most beautiful resorts which certainly should be featured in any travel magazine.I am not going to break down our trip or compare one resort to the other...they are both equally wonderful and each has it's own unique beauty and it's own special feel. I am writing this to say to anyone who is now waiting to go and has any doubts about either resort.....put them to rest!! They are both better than we remembered them!!! Yes we had issues...minor inconviences however when anything came up staff at both resorts were right on it. We didn't expect perfection but I have to say we came pretty close to getting it!! Once again .....Couples does not disappoint and we are happily waiting for 2014 so we can do it all over again!!!! Thanks for more great memories to add to our collection!!