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    Default Swim Test at CTI

    We are headed to CTI in early July--can't wait. We want to scuba dive and snorkel.

    That said, I am out of shape and need to use the time before the trip to get more fit. I plan to start swimming, because it is my understanding that you must take a swim test before you can scuba dive. Plus, I don't want to be out in open water and not be as strong a swimmer as I could be.

    What will the swim test be like? How far will I have to swim? Is there a time limit? Do we need to tread water for a certain period of time?

    Many thanks for any answers you can give me!

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    I can't remember how long the distance is but I think you can take as long as you like. Just don't put your feet down. Many people make the mistake of going off too fast, especially if someone else is doing it at the same time. You do not have to tread water but it's always good to practise as well as your swimming. take your time and enjoy the Scuba diving.

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    The swim test is 4 lengths of the quiet pool, no stopping, no backstroke, no sidestroke, no dog paddle, basically front crawl only. There is no time limit.

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    I'm not as worried about being able to go the distance or being a strong enough swimmer, because I have been swimming almost every day. However, my form is very poor.

    That being said, will I even have to take a swim test if I have my c-card and have just done a scuba tune-up?

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    No if you have the c-card you should be Okay. Even if you had to do a refreasher I don't think it involves a swim test.

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