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    Hi everyone. We were at Swept Away 8/19 to 8/26 and absolutely loved it. Now we are planning to go (and bring 4 friends) in late February. My question to all who have been there at this time is - how different is Feb. compared to Aug.? I know the weather will be cooler - but by how much? Will it be a lot more crowded then? How is the water and will it be very windy? I know I sound paranoid, but I just want my friends to have the same wonderful experience we had. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    It is always scary when you are responsible for friends vacation plans. That is Spring break time, and while there will not be any Spring Breakers at CSA, realize there will be on 7 Mile Beach. Aside from Spring Break February is a perfect time of year to get away from wintery weather, and plop down in the Caribbean! When you get back home Spring is not too far away!

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    This will be our 5th year going to CSA. We always travel the last Thursday in February and stay 7 nights. This year we are staying 10 nights. YEAH!!

    Last year the weather was absolutely perfect. I think it rained one afternoon for an hour. March is actually the driest month for Jamaica. The temperature if perfect, mid 80's, low humidity.

    The resort is usually at full capacity, but you would never know it. The beach is not crowded, there is room for everyone.

    The restaurants are busy. You do need to make reservations 3 days ahead of time for Lemongrass and Feathers. Patois does get crowded and the Palms is always full before the show starts. After the show starts it is maybe half full.

    The water is beautiful and the temperature if perfect for cooling off. The wind does pick up in the late morning. If the wind is not blowing it feels really hot. We have had times when the water gets a little rough. Great for body surfing. This has only happened twice in the 30 days that we have been there in March.

    The Spring Break crowd is not a problem. We've seen a few college kids at a couple of the resorts toward downtown Negril. It's never a problem.

    We have 3 couples that go. The first year it was just 2 couples and we invited the 3rd for year 2. Our add on couple has traveled all over the Caribbean and they were amazed at the beach and at CSA. They vowed to come back every year and the have.

    You will have a great time and your friends will, too.

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    The temperature in Jamaica varies by only a few degrees all year long. The change from August to February will be the humidity and it will be lower in February. Water temperature will not really be any different so your friends will get the same great experience that you had.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Where were y'all staying? We were in 2130 & hung out at the Sunset Bar *a lot* lol... We were then 8/21 thru 8/26 [my b-day!]

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    That is the best time to go IMO.It will be BEAUTIFUL!

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    Thank you all for the great responses. wileeandrr - we were in room 1230 and loved it. My husband has grey hair, one of the few people there who did!!! We are planning on either first or third week of February. Can't wait.

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