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    We will be there in Nov and wondered if you can get breakfast and take it back to your room? Has anyone ever done that??

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    I never have but I can tell you we really liked the openess of the area and looked forward to it every morning. I am sure they would not mind if you did, they are so laid back and really want you to enjoy yourself. The only thing they do not do is room service so you would have to go down and fill your plates.
    We are going back in November as well! You will love it

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    YES, several times.

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    definately!!!! I did this a few times on my last trip to CN. Best thing to do is have the continental breakfast delivered to you room so you'll already have coffee, fruit, and bread all you have to do is go and get the hot food. Enjoy!!!

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    Great....Thanks guys!!.... Was just curious!! Because just one of us would go down for food and bring back to the room, the mornings when we want to have a late start, but do not want to miss b/fast :-)

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    I hear ya. My wife takes forever to get ready. Even to go lay on the beach, so I usually will go get breakfast for both of us and bring it back to the room. When she is ready we have a nice meal on the balcony.
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    Yes, you can. You can take it anywhere. Seveal times last trip we picked up some food at the Cassava buffet and carried it over to the beach grill to get some more. Since all the food you can eat is included in the room, they really don't care how much you take, when you get it, where you get it or where you take it to eat.
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    Thanks JSTONE1973.... sounds great!!!

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    Thanks Wally!

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    Another option is to go for the breakfast kickstart and order a continental breakfast. Coffee, fruits and breads get you geared for that full breakfast.

    The smell of that Blue Mountain coffee in the room might get the other half moving faster.

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    I sometimes fix my plate, get silverware & napkin from a waiter, & sit out in a lounge chair by the pool or on the beach & eat my breakfast.

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