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    Default Help with reserving a private dinner at CSS

    My husband and I will be making our first trip to a Couples resort, CSS, next weekend for our 35th anniversary (yea!!). We really want to reserve a private dinner in the wedding gazebo on our actual anniversary date. I followed the directions for sending an email to the Romance Concierge Sunday but have yet to hear anything back. Is a wait for a reply like this normal or could I have possibly done something wrong? Is there another way to book ahead of time, maybe by calling? I really don't want to risk the time already being taken by someone else by waiting until we get there to do it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Try emailing again but remember it's Jamaica time, things move slower down there. You have to be a little more patient

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    That is unusual. I got a reply back the same day - in fact within an hour. I'd try again, if no response quickly I'd call the resort.
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    They're usually very prompt in responding to e-mail. With the limited amount of time before your departure calling the resort directly would be a good choice. Have an awesome anniversary!

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    I got a super fast response from the submitted form, but a very slow response from the resort itself. In fact we missed out on the private dinner in the tree house on our anniversary because of it and had to go with the massage hut on the beach.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone! I did get an email back Monday afternoon-they set everything up and sent us the menu choices to pick from and send back in. Guess patience is just not a virtue of mine!
    Can't wait-9 more days!!

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