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    Default June 2013 Anyone???

    My soon to be husband and I (June 8) will be arriving at CN on June 9-June 13. Is anyone else going to be there for their first time, or be there during these times? We are so beyond excited, neither one of us has even flown! So this is all new and exciting for both of us! We can not wait! Only 31 days!!!! Whoo hoo!!!

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    Look at the "Meet Up" board it may have information for you. You will love your trip.

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    Hey Mnew,

    Congrats! My soon to be husband and I will be at CSS June 10-20th and we're getting married in Montreal June 8th too! Enjoy your trip!! We're super excited too!!! 30 days until Jamaica!!!

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    Can't flipping wait!!!! 18 days and a wake up for us !!!

    going CRAZY, gotta get outta work and away from kids !!!! is 5 days really going to be long enough ???

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    Thanks so much! We are beyond excited!! Neither one of us has ever flown, or been out of the US, so we are pretty stoked!

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    Only 17 days and a wake up for us and we will be married and in Jamaica!! Whoo hoo!!!!

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    We will be there from June 8 to 15. This will be our thrid year in a row at CN. Its almost here I cant hardly wait!!! You will love it!

    Ron & Treena

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    9 days and counting!! Our first trip to CSA. Can't wait! Just confirmed our pick up for the pub crawl on June 5 and working on a beach dinner for my birthday!

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    Wife and I will be at CN June 10 (her Birthday)- June 14th.
    We are soooooo ready!!! Bring in the Bob Marley shots!!!

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    My wife and I will be there 13th -20th. Looking forward to getting back to CN!

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    My wife and I and a couple of our friends will be at CN June 7-12. First time.

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    June 1 to June 8! First timers and we are both climbing the walls at this point!

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    Getting ourselves back to CN the week of June 13-20.
    Travel safe everyone!
    Roy in VA

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    CSA June 11-19 for us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bzlynchmob View Post
    9 days and counting!! Our first trip to CSA. Can't wait! Just confirmed our pick up for the pub crawl on June 5 and working on a beach dinner for my birthday!
    We will see you guys at the bar crawl! We'll be hard to miss. I'll be wearing an offensively loud yellow sundress, feel free to come over and say hi!

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    My husband and I and another couple who is traveling with us is also signed up for the bar crawl. We are staying at CN. See you on June 5th!

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    My lovely girlfriend and I are very eagerly anticipating our first "real" vacation together at CN from June 9th through the 14th. I've already mentally checked-out at work. All I read/hear regarding CN and Jamaica in general are positive reviews. I cannot wait! I sure am going to miss my two little boys, though. I suppose skype is a good alternative to cell phones?

    Also, my girlfriend is making fun of me for wanting to pack certain things like a few first aid items, goggles, water shoes. Do I really not need these things? To be honest, I'm a little scared of being outside of the U.S. for the first time in my life. Much more excited than scared, though

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    My wife and I travel very light but there is still always a small first aid kit in our stuff. At least some neorporin, band-aids, tylenol (or advil), benedryl tabs, that sort of thing. You can ofcourse get those things if you need them by visiting the nurse on duty but that can sometimes take while it's pretty easy to take them because they weigh so little and take up so little space.
    If you wear goggles in the water then you should take them. We don't use them but if you do take them, they are small usually! Some people wear water shoes every day to walk around the resort. If that's what you do then you should have them. Pack what you want just take a second look when you're done and ask yourself if you really need the stuff you packed. It's all good!
    Have a great trip!
    CN on June 13th for us. Getting close!

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    See you there! our second time will be June 7 to June 17 we loved it last year. check us out on Facebook at the Couples Negril Group

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    my girlfriend and i will bee there for our 2nd trip. we took too much stuff last time. Ditch the water shoes. flip flops worked better.
    shorts and light shirts is all you need. a couple pair of pants to wear for dinner. check out the Couples Negril Group on facebook

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    My soon to be wife and I will be there for out honeymoon June 23rdd-July3rd. 19 more days

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    The wife and I will be at CN June 10-14th. Second time to a couples resort, CTI a couple of years ago. After you pack, take about half of what you pack out and about half of what your girlfriend packs out and that will be about right! Don't sweat traveling out of the country. Jamacia and Couples will be your new home!


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    My husband and I arrive to our favorite spot in the world Couples Negril for the 4th time (& yes 3rd time was a charm he he ha ha). We land in Montego from NY on Monday, June 10th at 8:30am and we leave on Thursday, June 20th in the afternoon. We are Dorene and John both long brown hair and both happy happy happy. Look forward to introducing ourselves to you all and having a blast. Woooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Dorene from Brooklyn (loves CN)

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