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    Default Rooms at CTI, CSS and CN - a few questions to help me choose!

    Hoping to be first time guests this summer (our honeymoon!) and just trying to figure out which resort to choose. I'm partial to CTI because I like the A/N island, but I'm concerned about the access after reading the forum. Is it closed often?

    At CSS and CN, if you are on the A/N beach at 'close', are you supposed to then put your clothes on?

    I've looked but can't find a clear answer - are there mini-fridges in the Rooms or just Suites? Does this differ between resorts?

    If anyone has been to all 3, which was your favorite?

    Thanks in advance!

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    We have to been to all (3), we visited CN first and loved it (3) times, then CSS and loved it, then CTI and loved it even more. We are returning to CTI this year.

    the island was not closed during our stay, they use a pontoon boat to shuttle you to the island, so if the waves are to rough the pontoon would be a problem.

    You can leave your clothes off at CSS after 5:00 but you will be joined by clothed guests for the sunsets, the a/n beach at CN is surrounded by hedges but you have to walk to the ocean in front of everyone, GLN is next door and their prude beach joins the a/n beach of CN but GLN had changed to Breezes and they allow some children

    On every visit we had a mini fridge in our room, they stock w/ beer, soft drinks and Liquor

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    All rooms have mini bar/fridge. CSS sunset beach you have to get dressed as clothed folks come over for the sunset. CTI island is not closed often, especially since the dock and new boat. In order of preference on these three we love CTI then CSS then CN. You will really have to chose the one that fits you best. remember, you will become repeaters and get to try them all. Also you can sign up for romance rewards and if you chose CTI or CSS you will be able to do the trading places day.

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    The island is usually open from 9 am to 5 pm at CTI. it's a great little spot, and apparently the favorite of many who like A/N sunbathing. The island does close early for weddings, but on those days they open the amount of hours doesn't really change. The only obstacle would be "red flag days" when it's too windy/water too choppy to run the boats. But when we were there, there never was a Red Flag Day. Can't answer about the mini-fridge, cause we were in a suite, so I don't know about the rooms.

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    Our first visit was this past April. Before going, I would check daily to see the weather. 5 out of 7 days showed windy and I was afraid the island would be closed. It was windy, but the island was never closed from wind. There was a wedding there on Saturday, so closed early that day. But opened early the next day.

    As far as mini fridge, we had premiere ocean rooms nd it had mini fridge.

    Hope this helps. We were so happy with this vacation we have already booked again for march 2014. Hope you have a great trip and congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

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    The AN beach at CTI is closed in the evening and if the weather isn't good. Can't give a real percentage of how many times that's happened when we've been there...but it hasn't been much.

    At CSS the AN beach is supposed to become clothing optional at sunset so everyone from the resort can enjoy the sunset. We've seen quite a few moon-rises happening at sunset.

    The beach at CN doesn't "close". We've hit the jacuzzi on the AN beach after sunset in true AN fashion.

    There have been mini-fridges in the rooms/suites of each of the 4 Couples Resorts in Jamaica we've visited.

    Asking which is your favorite Couples Resort is like asking what's your favorite flavor of Baskin Robbins ice cream. You'll get lots of opinions because each couple will have a favorite...but they're all good.

    CTi is more "hotel like" with a smaller property but 5 great restaurants. CSS is more spread out and romantic but is built on cliffs so has some stairs to climb. CN is more spread out with multi story buildings with it's main pool as the focal point of the resort. We actually have a favorite on each side of the island...CSS on the Ocho Rios side and CN on the Negril.

    The nice part is that you'll have to figure out which one is your favorite. Have fun with that one!

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    I can only speak for CTI. I love that resort, all of it. We just returned from our 2nd trip there. As for the island, it's an experience like no other. It was windy the entire time we were there (7 out of 8 days winds were quite strong). It was yellow flag but the island was open. I think the only time it actually closed was our last full day, which was the calm wind day. All of a sudden the wind switched direction and went from calm to super strong and a storm blew in. I thought we (or our clothes! LOL) were going to be blown off the island! The poor pontoon guy had a hard time getting to the dock to pick us all up! That was at almost 4pm though, so close to regular closing time anyway. The previous time, 3 years ago, I remember the wind being brisk (felt good with the heat!) but the island was never closed then either. I wouldn't worry too much about it. And the rest of the resort was FABULOUS! You won't be sorry.

    At CTI all the rooms have a minibar with fridge. To be honest though, we didn't use it as much as I thought we might. We did so much drinking outside our room that I needed a break by the time we went back there! LOL

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    We have stayed at CSS once, and visited CTI on a trading places day. We visited both AN places on our stay. The island is very nice, but small compared to SSB. It was nice to lay out and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks. It IS closed on red flag days, since the pontoon has to shuttle you back and forth. Since you just have to walk to get to SSB, it is always open, red flag or not. SSB is also larger, so you have more room to spread out from the other guests, if you choose. SSB does also have a pool, jacuzzi (with an upgrade coming soon, i've heard) and a nice bar/swimup bar and a lunch buffet. CTI has a bar and lunch buffet, but I don't remember seeing a jacuzzi there. SSB also offers AN activities, such as bocce ball and aquacise, along with many others. A full listing of activites can be found on the couples site. It is easier to get into the water at SSB, but the bottom does have rocks, so water shoes are recommended. Our favorite of the two by far is SSB. The AN beach doesn't necessarily "close." It is just AN required from 9-5. At 5pm, the beach opens up to everyone, so they can come over and enjoy the sunset. We have been on both sides of this, coming over from the main resort, and been fully clothed to watch the sunset, and also spending the day at the AN, and watching the sunset AN, while clothed people came over as well. On certain days of the week, the sax player that walks the resort (I can't remember his name) comes over, and plays from 5-6 while the sun sets. This was a phenomenal experience.

    All rooms do have mini fridges. I agree with Autumn, we didn't use our minifridge nearly as much as i thought we would, since drinks were so freely available throughout the resort, and we spent as little time as possible in our room. At CSS, all rooms are suites, so all rooms offer in room dining as well. At CN, only the top 3 room categories are suites, so they are the only ones that offer in room dining options. I am not sure about the rooms at CTI.

    Once you go, you know.

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