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    Default Fishing CSA 2013 UPDATES?

    New to the board here, so please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong section!! I understand there are Charters for deep sea fishing, but that will not work for me since I don't have sea legs!! What I was wondering about, is there any locals that can take anyone fishing for half the price that stay closer to shore? What we are really after is to catch something, take it back to CSA and have someone cook what we catch!! Not sure if this is possible but wanted to ask! Again, not looking to do a charter, just something more local! Will be at CSA next week!! Can't wait!

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    Just off the resort by the tree with the hanging sign is Elvis he is the man to see, he can set up anything off site, ask the guard at the station they all now Elvis.
    Not sure if they will cook it at the resort for you, I am sure Elvis will know someone if not, he has his own place there. he oversees most of the vendors that walk along the beach.

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