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    Default WiFi at CSS (and on SSB)

    I have heard a lot of good things about the WiFi at the resorts and how people use skype &/or facetime to communicate with home. I posted a thread asking about using a Nook (e-reader)and downloading books at the resort. Responses to that thread include a few that say WiFi is not very good at the resorts and slow in areas/times. Which one is an accurate description of the WiFi/internet at CSS?
    CSS 5/21-5/31/13
    CSS 4/12-4/24/15

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    My wife has KOBO and I use my iPad ... we would usually have very good access to WiFi ... finished a book one day by pool and quickly downloaded another right on the spot - "No Problems"

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    wifi pretty good at cti, even had some out at the island for texting/surfing the web.

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    By the pool bar and the main beach, the wifi was great. We didn't go to SSB so can't comment on that.

    Now in our room (Beachfront Suite, A25)... it was horrible. Very sketchy and most times we couldn't get on and if we did, it took forever to load anything.
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    We were in E11 and had virtually no wi-fi. We had to go up to the Balloon Bar patio to facetime the kids every day. If you held your head the right way and stood on one foot you might get some really slow internet on the veranda... but that was it. It was great on the patio. I can't speak for the other buildings.
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    Hi VaCouple-I have a Kindle and I never had a problem downloading new books by the pool at SSB. Have a great trip

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    We were there in April. Wifi worked well in main area of resort (we had beachfront suite). Wifi not available at Sunset Beach

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    I couldn't manage a connection in Building A this spring, but got one in Building B in December.

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    My iPhone worked fine in our room in A and B blocks the last couple of years, but SSB had no coverage. I didn't try much other than a little email and light web browsing.

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    Quick update.....As of today, 5/30/13, there is not any wifi signal at SSB. I believe at the main beach you can get a signal, but not SSB.
    CSS 5/21-5/31/13
    CSS 4/12-4/24/15

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