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    Default Couples Newbie - CN Social Activities?

    My fiance and I will be staying at Couples Negril this October for our honeymoon. I want to make the most of our stay (7 nights) so I'm just looking for some information/thoughts on some of the social activities/special nights... I've searched high and low for more details about some of these things so I apologize if I missed it somewhere. Any feedback (what is it, how long, is it worth the time, etc?) on the following (or other suggestions) would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    Managers/Wine & Cheese Cocktail Party
    Honeymooners Reception
    Sunset Bar/Margaritaville Shuttle
    Showtime Presentation
    Beach/Dance Party

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    you will get a daily activity list for the week in your room. This will also have the evening events.

    Managers party was outside - Wine/Cheese party in the piano bar - both were enjoyable (I'm a wino so I had fun!)
    Beach party was wonderful! The was so much food. They set up the beach with large tables and it's buffet style.
    Friday nights they have a champange toast on the beach at sunset. A sax player lets you know it's showtime!
    Sign up for the Cat cruise the first day there or check daily for no-shows. The boat leaves around 3pm. Snorkeling was a blast!

    The other items we didn't do. We opted out on the Cat cruise - hubby isn't comfortable on small boats. We did do the One Love Bar Crawl - that was alot of fun! I had never been to the west end so it was a nice sightseeing cruise thru. It was also nice to go to some local bars.

    Email me if you would like a scanned copy of the daily activity list.
    Have a blast!

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    There's something different every single night at CN & it varies. They post it on a large board in the main dining area where breakfast is served each day & you will be given a weekly schedule of activities when you check-in. The manager's cocktail party is a must & lasts an hour or so before dinner. There's always music with dinner in the main dining area with some entertainment later. The night of the beach party, they have entertainment with a bonfire & music later in the evening. There is different things going on in the Piano Bar each evening - Just check the board or the activity sheet. There's a sunset cruise on the catamaran several nights a week that you can sign up for .... I get terribly seasick so can't do that but know it's lots of fun. One night there is champagne & chocolate on the beach or boardwalk at sunset. It's always just a little different from the time before so you never know for sure. Just go with the flow & ENJOY!!!!

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    Friday Chocolate Sunset: 6:00pm on the boardwalk - It's ok to check out, but nothing major. Kind of a walk-through thing
    Friday Lobster Night: All Restaurants will serve lobster specialties, in season July 1 March 31. Love it! Lobster at all restaurants!
    Monday Managers Cocktail Party: 6:30pm - Pretty cool. Might as well check it out.
    Tuesday Wine and Cheese Cocktail Party: 6:30pm in the Piano Bar - Go, if you dig wine and cheese. We always check it out.
    Wednesday Honeymooners Reception: 6:30pm in the Piano Bar - Haven't been
    Thursday Beach Party: 7:00pm on the beach, under the stars - We always go and it's a pretty good time. The buffet is usually good, and the steel band rocks!

    The Showtime presentation is going on at Cassava Terrace on the stage every night. It's not like a special deal or anything. Sometimes people get up and dance, and sometimes they don't. You will experience this almost inevitably.

    The Sunset Bar Shuttle takes you to Pushcart, which is a cool outdoor restaurant/bar on top of the cliffs above the swim stop for the catamaran cruise. We love this excursion. The whole deal is only like an hour and a half, including the 10 min drive time each way. Highly recommend taking this one. It's offered on Sun, Mon, and Fri.

    The Margaritaville Shuttle is Wed only, and is similar to the Sunset Bar Shuttle, but is on the beach, instead of the cliffs. If you want to go to Margaritaville, you can also do the Trading Places day to CSA and walk down to Margaritaville. It's super close down the beach.

    No matter what, make sure and sign up for Romance Rewards right away. This allows you to get set up on the program prior to your trip, and you can take advantage of Trading Places on your first trip.
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