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    Default Electrical outlets in rooms @ CSS

    I read on the "wish I'd thought of that thread" about people bringing extension cords and power strips. Are there not many outlets in the rooms? I specifically will need one near the bed at night, within a couple feet. Also, we will have electronics that we will need to charge. I do have a power strip packed, just wondering if I need an extension cord and maybe a 2nd power strip. Thanks in advance!
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    We always pack a 6 outlet adaptor and an extension cord that is heavy duty enough to run a hairdryer. There are not always enough plugs where you need them for everything you need and the outlets in the bathroom are few.

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    Hi, I think you should pack what you're comfortable with. My hubby is a techy too, so we had the power strip and extension cord so he could use his netbook from our beautiful balcony in the Steve McQueen suite. One love, and have a great trip!!

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    Ok, we had a ocean view one bedroom suite (G-block). There were more than enough outlets! Be advised though, the outlets are horizontal instead of vertical like we are used to in the states. We brought a plug-in air freshener, had to use one of the power strips we brought with us to plug it in. Other than that, never used an extension cord or power strip.
    CSS 5/21-5/31/13
    CSS 4/12-4/24/15

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