We just got back from our honeymoon to CSS a few Days ago. It was an AMAZING time. The only regret i have is that i didn't let loose while i was there. My husband tried to convince me that i should wear a swimsuit that is a little more edgy than what i would wear at home. i refused though. I didn't want people to think that i was sleazy.
Now that we are home, i wish i would have taken his advice. We were younger than most couples that we saw there, but we did see another couple a few times at the Mineral Pool that was about our age. The girl in that couple wore an extremely sexy pink swimsuit with strappy bottoms one day, then we saw her a couple days later wearing an super hot purple suit that showed most of her butt and had a super cute strapless top with a big jeweled ring in the center. I am SOOO JEALOUS OF HER! She looked so confident and sexy and she knew just how to show off her best "ass"ets. lol her hubby was so tan and sexy too! My husband kept telling me that i should have worn something like her lol
I wish i would have been more confident. My honeymoon would have been the perfect time to let loose and be a little sexy.

If that other couple reads this.... Congrats! You looked amazing! So Jealous!