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    Default Cruise Ship Day Guests

    Is it true that guests from a Cruise ship buy day Passes to the Resort? Is this number of "visitors" limited? Has anyone had any experience with this while at a resort?

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    Its available, but Couples doesn't market it. Never seen nor heard of a couples resort being over-run with cruisers as some other AI may experience.

    Scott and June

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    not true
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    I wondered this too. Half way thru our trip last week I saw about 10-12 people walking by us towards the Palms. My husband thought their lanyards said royal Caribbean. We see the group sitting together eating lunch. Aside from lunch we didn't see them anywhere else on the resort.

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    There is another thread on this subject. During a stay at CSS we did meet a nice man on SSB who was on a cruise. He stayed for a few hours, wasn't a gawker, read his book and then left at about 3pm. He said he wished he didn't have to leave to go back to the ship. So in several visits to CSS, I've only run into 1 cruise passenger.

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    Yes they allow people from the cruise to visit the resort, but only so many.

    Under the FAQ:
    Day passes for friends/family are limited and subject to availability.
    Current rates for Couples Resorts Jamaica and Barbados
    Wedding Ceremony Only Pass — $50 per person
    Half day pass [10:00am - 6:00pm] or Evening Pass [6:00pm - 1:00am] — $100 per person
    Full day pass [10:00am - 11:30pm] — $200 per person

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    not true
    Actually your post is not true. I few weeks back this exact question was asked and RM posted that day passes are available to persons while on the island of JA, although limited. He did not mention excluding cruise passengers, although you get the idea it's not marketed or promoted either.

    The biggest issue would be getting there, and it being worthwhile. Royal Caribbean & Celebrity now stop at Falmouth, at their private dock there. It would take a couple of hours out of your day plus a pretty expensive taxi ride, plus the cost of the day pass to go sit on a beach and drink. There are other resorts that promote this to cruise passengers that are closer.

    I'm sure other cruise lines such as Carnival still stop at Ocho Rios.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    not true

    Here's the link to the post I mentioned.

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    The only cruise guests we saw on our first trip, were a couple from the UK. They were actually staying at CTI for a couple days, then cruising back to the UK later in the week. IIRC, we met them on our last day at the resort, to boot...

    Jason & Kathy

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    Not sure how a cruise ship could be in Negril. They go to Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. No port in Negril.

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    We've been there before when Couples has had travel agents visit/tour the resort. Guess it helps to see an awesome resort first hand so as to be able to answer travelers' questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    not true

    It is true. We met a very nice couple on Sunset Beach at San Souci who had bought day passes. I've never seen more than a few couples from the cruise ship.
    Ofcourse you will only have to deal with this at one of the Ocho Rios resorts as there are no cruise ships in Negril.

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    I personally have no clue first hand but I have seen/read a few reviews from people who HAVE done this so I assume it IS true. One review said something about it was limited to 10-4pm only and does not include dinner etc… I really don’t imagine people just making this up… but again, I don’t work for the resort so who knows!

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    Would NEVER want to be at a resort that welcomed cruisers....

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonegril View Post
    Would NEVER want to be at a resort that welcomed cruisers....
    What do you have against people that cruise? I cruise frequently, I also go to Couples.

    What I find is most people that tend to have a negative experience or attitude about cruising have only cruised on Carnival and don't realize that there are some really nice cruise lines. Just like Couples stands out above the crowd in the All Inclusive field, there are cruise lines that offer a real luxury experience.

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