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    Default Randymon: Barbados questions - ground transportation


    We are booked to stay at Couples Barbados for the end of June 2013. I know roundtrip transfers from the airport are included with our trip. I was wondering where we would go for this once we arrive? Will there be a Couples booth at the airport? Or do we have to call in advance to arrange this?

    Also, we are looking into visiting Holetown for some shopping and dining. Will there be any shuttle service from the resort?

    I am VERY excited as this is our first stay at Couples. I am sure the brand will meet my high expectations after reading all the raving reviews of the other Couples properties. I cannot wait! Any updates on the renovations will be appreciated! Thanks!!!

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    Hi - We are working out the details at the airport. They want WAY TOO MUCH $$$ for a standalone booth. Rather, we will have representatives with signage waiting for you as soon as you exit the building. Please ensure that you sign up for Romance Rewards Romance Rewards Levels & Login for Couples Resorts, if you are not already a member. Complete the arrivals form and you're set.

    There will be a shuttle to Holetown's Lime Grove shopping plaza. Ask at the front desk.

    We look forward to welcoming you home to Couples Barbados soon.

    Couples Resorts

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    If you want to travel up the west coast to Holetown from The Gap (roughly where the new Couples resort is - on the south side of the island,) then I would heartily recommend using a 'reggae bus'. Yellow buses whihc play reggae music and cost very little. It's a blast and one can always get chatting to the locals, they are friendly and chatty too!

    Have a great time. The west costs is really lovely to have a visit to and there are some specatacular restaurants of world class (The Cliff, Daphne's, etc - you will need to book and take a credit card with some space on it!).

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    Randymon, is the ground transportation for everyone or just couples who book direct with Couples Resorts? We are first timer arriving Dec 9 and booked through a Travel Company here in Canada. They state that transfers to the resort are included but don't say if it is their bus or your shuttle. Thanks

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    Roundtrip transfers are complimentary to all Couples Barbados guests regardless of the booking source.

    Couples Resorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Roundtrip transfers are complimentary to all Couples Barbados guests regardless of the booking source.
    Meaning you get to travel on the Couples bus with only other happy couples heading straight to CB, rather than jammed onto a possibly large bus through the tour op (AC, WestJet, Sunwing, Transat or whoever you booked with), full of people (including tired children), heading to many different resorts/hotels, making lots of stops and taking forever. Same on the way back to the airport.

    This is indeed a perk

    We enjoy the trip on the Couples bus to Negril or Ocho Rios, having a beer, meeting other couples... less so on the way back, despite the snack packed for repeaters... because it means we're leaving

    btw, we're heading there on Dec. 13, flying from Vancouver through Toronto with WJ. Maybe we'll meet you there.

    hey Randymon... Is there a snack for the bus ride in Barbados? Isn't it too short of a trip?

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