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    We are headed to CSA on July 6th for our 2nd trip with our good friends. We are working on setting up a Pub Crawl again this year but didn't want to make a plan on a night something special was going on. Here is what we remember: Monday repeaters dinner, Wednesday steel drums and Friday beach party. Can anyone fill in the rest of the week?

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    Hi Marla! We will be there the same time as you, July 6th through 14th, and will be traveling with some good friends as well! We were wondering the same and it seemed Tuesday was a night that there wasn't much scheduled on the resort (hope that is still the case). So, I contacted Lenbert and he said he is willing to do a private crawl on Tuesday, July 9th, with CSA, if we can get 14 people to commit. So, if you're interested, email Lenbert at and let him know how many are in your party and that you want to join the Couples Swept Away crawl for Tuesday, July 9th. It would be great if you could join us!!

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    Saturday Night - Reggea music at the Palms at 9:15 pm
    Sunday Night - Singer at the Palms at 9:15 pm - typically retro music
    Monday Night - Singer at the Palms at 9:15 pm
    Tuesday Night - Singer at the Palms at 9:15 pm
    Thursday Night - Staff & Guest Talent Show at the Palms at 9:15 pm

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    Sunday-retro party and casino night, jazz band at aura
    Monday- managers cocktail party, blazing pianos, top of the charts
    Tuesday-honeymooners cocktail party, blazing pianos, dance mixes at aura
    Wednesday-blazing pianos, steel drum band, romantic bonfire
    Thursday- blazing pianos, staff/guest talent show, retro night at aura
    Friday- beach party, Latin dance and Caribbean flavor at aura
    Saturday- beach film fest, blazing pianos

    This was from the flyer I had three weeks ago

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    That sounds great. I will check with our friends on their preference. We did the crawl last July and it was a great time. Have you had any others commit to this night?

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    we are coming to CSA this year for 10 days...yeah! end of November and into first of December. Does the activity and night time entertainment schedule change for the dates will be at CSA?

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    We have never done the crawl - really excited for it!! A few others have asked about it on here, but I'm not sure how many have emailed and committed with Lenbert. Hope you sign up! See you in 41 days!

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