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    Where are the Louisville Kentuckians that love CSA as much as I do???

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    Is Florence y'all close enough? Nov 2012 was our first trip to CSA and we are working on making Nov 2013 trip #2. I don't think we'll ever go anywhere else (at least when we are sans kids)!!!

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    We go to CSA about every 3 years! I'm a Couples addict for sure. We are going back this October for our 3rd time. I can't wait! CSA rocks!

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    From Louisville! We will be spending our Honeymoon and first time at CSA Oct 6th-11th.

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    Hurricanes! Where in Louisville do you live? I just saw your other post too. We live in Prospect and this will be our second time to CSA. We will have to get together for a drink at CSA.

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    It seems as thought all the Kentuckians go in the Fall!

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    Margi - I also live in Prospect (The Landings) and my fiancé lives in the Fern Creek area. We definitely will have to get that drink! 143 DAYS TO GO!

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