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    Default One Love Bus - May 22

    Hey CSA-bound friends. We are confirmed for a May 22nd (Weds.) pick-up at 2:25. My wife and I are early 30's, first-time repeaters at CSA, first time bus riders. Thought I would throw this out there in case anyone was considering the crawl. Hope to meet you on the property or on the bus!

    Matt & Rae

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    Hi, we might be interested in that. will be there 20-26 and had thought about the crawl also. husband and I are in early to mid 40's from Ohio. Keep in touch and looking forward to meeting.
    Dawn & Craig

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    Sounds good!

    Aside from the beach and water sports we tend to spend a fair amount of time at the beach bar closer to the Palms, at least we did last year. I have a blue Bubba and my wife's is purple.

    We are committed to the Bus trip so if you decide to go (if not before) we will meet you in the lobby on Wednesday afternoon. Won't be long now!


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