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    Default Last minute questions

    5 days to go! For the beer koozies, should we bring them for bottles or cans? Are the 16 oz. Tervis glasses big enough? When buying rum, once we get past security, do they supply carriers or should we bring our own? Can OTC meds be packed in checked luggage or do those need to be in our carry-on? Thank you for all of the wonderful advice.

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    we brought koozies for cans, as the small plastic glasses from the resort fit in them, as well as bottles.

    We bought our rum at the airport, and were provided with carriers. keep in mind you may have to put this in your checked luggage if going through customs prior to your final destination (ie a layover somewhere) due to the 3oz rule for carry on's prior to security.

    OTC stuff can be placed in your checked baggage.

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    Bring koozies for cans - you won't find any bottles.

    As for the tervis glasses I would assume 16 oz would be large enough.

    Returning home they provide those cardboard carry containers for your rum (2 bottles per carrier).

    I personally always carry my meds in my carry on just so I know they make it, but there is no rule for this - you can do what you are comfortable with - the only thing would be if it was a liquid and then you are subject to the 3oz. rule in your carry on.
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    Beer kookiness on the beach all beer comes in glasses in the room they are in bottles. They put the rum in boxes for you to carry on the plane. OTC can be packed where ever you want. PS no worries just go and have a wonderful time.

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    Which Couples resort are you heading to?

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    Heading to CN! We are SO excited!

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    Quote Originally Posted by h2otoes View Post

    Heading to CN! We are SO excited!
    See you there 2 days later!
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    That's awesome! We are at CTI now

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