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    Default CN - 5th Visit since 2003

    We went to our heart's home to celebrate our 10th Anny; wed there in 2003. The resort looks so beautiful now that the trees are matured; some of the original staff still there (Herbert, Franklin, Tennyson). Our last visit was in 2009, and we had never been in April before; lack of lobster more than made up for with the abundance of fresh fruit from on site trees and spring flowers.

    WHAT WE LOVED: CN still the best resort we've been to, due to the staff! We've never been when the resort is sold out (July, Aug, Oct, Nov prior trips) and other than a few people in line for breakfast would not have noticed it whatsoever. The resort is like a woman; she grows more beautiful and graceful with age. The trees are now higher than the resort with new plams planted. Service and food still outstanding; effort to put on beach party on the beach amazing - as was the food. Stayed in bldg 2 this time and enjoyed it (1, 5, 7, 9 prior stays); we do prefer top floor and received 2nd this trip; given resort sold out we said irie mon. We arrived at Noon on a Saturday with 95 check outs and were in our room by 1;30 - Couples Housekeeping and Bellman continue to rock. Beach still the most beautiful I've ever seen; water clear and warm enough - NO jelly fish - yeh mon. Drinks more than strong and plentiful - love the addition of flavored water and NO plastic bottles.

    WHAT COULD BE IMPROVED: PLEASE get rid of those tubs and install nice walk in showers with multi sheets. As to sinks - not too practical. No problem with not using plastic bottles for shampoo, lotion, etc but the ACE Hardware not too attractive holders could be upgraded. Hey - if that is the worse of your vacation you must be at Couples

    Other than our weddingmoon in 2003, this was our best trip in 10 years. We have gone to other resorts in between our visits to Couples and agree we would rather vacation less often if it means coming back to our heart's home. Thank you Couples Negril for a week of romance, relaxation, outstanding food and service, and the tears you always bring to our eyes. All is irie mon after 10 years

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    Thanks for the review. I agree with everything you said. You can go to other places but there is something about Couples that keeps drawing you back. We are pumped about our upcoming trip!

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    GM mentioned to my husband and I in April that the tubs were being replaced starting this
    July with walk in showers All rooms will be upgraded

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    My Fiance and I have both quite smoking. We will be going to CN a year from now (weddingmoon) and have figured out that the savings from not smoking will completely cover our 2 week stay. Talk about an amazing incentive to stay off the cigarettes! I think we will probably plan on coming back at least every other year with our continued savings.

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