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    Default Lobster Season.... silly questions

    I am a lover of all thing seafood including lobster, but thinking about booking trip to CN during the short time lobster season is over. Looking to see if anyone thinks it would be good or not good to change trip dates to do during lobster season.

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    Lobster is not the same there as here in the states. Personally we never miss it when we go, there is always so much more to chose from. Don't let that stop you from going, have some locally caught fish instead!!!

    15 days and counting!!!!

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    I would go to CN whenever I got the chance & to heck with lobster season ..... Of course, I don't care for lobster so don't get what the fuss is about.

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    We love lobster too but usually plan our trip "home" after April 15th so miss out on it. I discovered years ago the the price of the resorts in Jamaica drop significantly after April 15th. For us this amounts to a savings of around $1000 or so. There are many seafood choices along with all of the other delicious food that is available at Couples that we really don't miss not having it when we are there.
    I love seafood and pretty much have Red Snapper every day either for lunch or at the buffet. (As I write this,I'm thinking about the Seagrape fish tacos at CSA right now and how I miss them!) They have many ways to prepare seafood at Couples...all delicious.
    You will love the food and everything else about CN, have a great trip!

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    We too are seafood lovers, sandyfoot is a lobster nut, and we have spent all our vacations to CSA during lobster off season. While we miss having lobster it has never been close to a deal breaker for us. We like going in June for our anniversary and we understand that it is a conservation issue for Jamaica to protect their lobster commodity for the rest of the year and we respect that position. Lobster returns to the menus in July by the way.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    My husband and I LOVE Lobster also. While we do enjoy it when we go during lobster season, we wouldn't base the time of year to go to Couples around the lobster. We have gone in April a few times and really enjoyed having the trip to look forward to right at the end of winter. This is really a question only you can answer based on how important lobster is to you.

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    We went last year during the non-lobster season and were not disappointed in the seafood available. We didn't even know there was a lobster season until after coming back home and joining the Message Board here. If your dates are flexible, you might as well go during lobster season, but if you've already booked during the off-season, I wouldn't switch.

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    We go to enjoy Jamaica at the best time for us to travel, not based on the availability of lobtser. We do enjoy the lobster when we have it at Couples though, so if having lobster is an important part of your vacation and your travel dates are flexible enough then go for it. Overall though we don't miss the lobster all the much when we travel when the season is closed. Do what is best for you!
    Respect and good travels!

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    If you base your trip around a single food item, in this case lobster, you will be sadly disappointed. These are spiny lobsters, not the sweet Maine lobsters you might be used to. There are no claws and the tail meat is usually dry. If it's food that drives your travel plans, Jamaica offers much more than water bugs. Jerk chicken, jerk pork, curried goat, vegetables indigenous to the island, a variety of fruits you're not gonna find in your local supermarket, along with fish so fresh it was sucking water that morning. Lobster you can have at home, ackee and saltfish not so much.
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    When exactly is lobster season??? I seem to always miss it. This year I'll be in CSA from June 7-22nd

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    Hi niffer808, I believe Lobster will be available beginning July 1st.

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