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    I have about $60 million in CN auction dollars left over from the last two or three years. We didn't make the auction last year and won't be able to come to CN this year. Therefore, if anyone would like to have these auction dollars (I assume they are still using them), let me know and I will send them to you.

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    What are auction dollars?

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    Sorry -- this should have been $600 million in auction dollars that I have if anybody wants them.

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    How does someone normally go about getting auction dollars? How often do they have an auction, and what kind of stuff do they normally auction off? What can you get with $60mm? We are going to Negril for the first time next April.

    347 days and counting until CN/CSS 2014!

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    Auction dollars can be "earned" by participating in events (i.e. playing volleyball, taking orientation tours, etc.), are given to all guests at the beginning of "Casino Night" and by winning during that event. These are then used during the auction at the end of "Casino Night" to "buy" things (i.e. Appleton Rum, craft items, etc.). More bucks equates to the ability to "out-bid" others.

    You're gonna love CN!

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    You get the "auction" dollars by participating in activities such as beach volleyball, bingo, casino night, etc. I spent 1.4 billion dollars on a pound of blue mountain coffee while we were at CN in March There were a number of items up for auction and the price depends on how bad someone else wants what you bid on.

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    I think we should make everyone work at getting the $$...much more fun that way!!

    @sweenessinthesand, you get play money for participating in games and challenges, and if you win, you get even more $$. )
    I believe they have 2 auctions per week, and they auction off fun and sometimes silly items, like coffee mugs, a small bottle of Tia Maria, a small bag of Blue Mountain Coffee, etc... I won the auction for a small carved fish for I believe 800 million.

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    We would love them. We have been CN four times going on five, and have always gone to the auction. During our next trip April 2014, Lee and I will be getting married (only 339 days, LOL)
    If no one else claims them you can send them to Carla Sanders, 2603 avenue E, Fort Madison, IA

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    We are going this October and would love to receive part or all of the auction dollars. We will be celebrating our 41st anniversary. We would greatly appreciate them. Address is Harry Lane 161 Twin Oaks Drive Corbin,Ky. 40701 Thank you

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    Carla, since you were the first to respond, you get them. You should be able to redeem them for something -- even a pound of that great coffee. Then it's fun to say, "I spent $600 million to buy this pound of coffee!!" I'll have them in the mail to you today. Enjoy your trip!

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    We will be there June 11th this year to celebrate our delayed honeymoon as my husband was deployed right after we got married. We would be very appreciative to be given some of the auction dollars to use during our stay. Our address is Tami Fetz 4708B Thomas Jefferson Circle Scott Air Force Base, IL 62225. Thank you for the offer

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    Would love them or any part of them Hubby disabbled so he can't do much Thanks Joanne Horton 8 Navillus Rd North Reading Ma 01864

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    I would love them. We are going June 1st. Let me know if you still have some avaiable and I will get you my address.

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    Yes they are still using them. We used ours from our last two trips on our trip last month. They had some nice items to auction off when we were there. Our group did a lot of activities, especially beach volleyball everyday and some other activities.

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    Thanks for the $600 million in auction dollars. They came in the mail yesterday. We will spend it wisely.

    Carla and lee

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