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    Default Swept Away vs. Negril

    Hello All--

    My fiance and I are planning a trip to either Couples Swept Away or Negril. I can't decide. I am currently leaning towards Swept Away - no real reason though. We are both 26 and are planning our honeymoon this year around Labor Day weekend. We will be married in July 2013. He doesn't have much say, he just said to take care of it. Any recommendations? We want to relax for the most part, but we want some fun in there too. He likes to workout, so nice gym would be a plus. I would like to zip line if there is an area around for that and some night life too. I want some yummy food and some fruity cocktails by the pool. I'm not a huge ocean person, but I hear the waters around this area are very calm and the sand is very soft.

    Please Help!!


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    Either resort would work. Csa is our favorite. We were married there and just returned from trip #5. If you'd like a few pics, email me at

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    While either would do the trick...CSA would probably fit best, based on what you were looking for. CSA has a better gym/workout area and night life (Aura Lounge) than CN though both have great food. The ocean is calmer at CN but sand is soft and white at both. CN has a better pool to hang out in but CSA's aren't anything to sneeze at. And don't forget to sign up for Romance Rewards so you can do the "Trading Places" visit to whichever resort you don't choose. That way you can check it out in the event you decide to make a return visit.

    Have fun choosing!

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