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Thread: Otaheite ?

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    Default Otaheite ?

    I understand that Otaheite will not reopen until mid October. Does anyone know where the Repaeter's Dinner will be held instead?

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    They have an outside dining area set up under a tent. It's not as bad as it sounds.

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    Ours in March was outside by the pool, in front of the Otateite...and the Otaheite was open that night for non-repeaters! It was very nice.
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    Default Otaheite..

    Otaheite was due to re-open before the end of September I believe. We ate in the temporary marquee which was set up - the food and servie was out of this world! Don't know how they do it - oh and my never empty champagne glass - I am soooo jealous of you!


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    In 2006 we had a full group for our repeaters dinner and we ended up outside because of the size of the group. I think we had the best table that night and we got to share it with Randymon.

    Preferably I think, weather permitting, dinning under the stars is the way to go.

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    Sounds wonderful! Thanks all.

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    Default Otaheite?

    We were tghere 12 - 20 Sep and they were putting in a new tile floor. When we left on the 20th, it looked like they were ready to reopen...they were just doing some final cleaning. Of course, they may have started other work we were not aware of. Dinner under the tent was very nice except I would really have preferred a climate controlled atmosphere. Food and service excellent.

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    The work in Otaheite is completed and the restaurant has reopened.

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    Yeah!!! We arrive tomorrow, the 26th and can't wait.

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    Great news! Thanks for the update Randymon. We look forward to seeing you at the CN anniversary party.

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    Woohoo!! I hate sweating up a storm while dressed for dinner. Thanks Randymon!

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    Whew!!! I love this restaurant!

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    thank you randymon!!! it's nice to know it's reopened!

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