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    Does anyone know how strict US Airway is with the carry on policy? I have a suitcase that is 16x8x24 and they say 14x9x22. I have used it before on other flights, but never with US Airway. TIA for any help, otherwise I have to use a much smaller carry on.

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    I used to travel all the time with work. It all depends on how full the flight is AND the crew that you get. I have been on flights they made people check bags that were smaller than that, simply as they ran out of overhead space. On the flip side, if you are going at a time of year that the flight is half full you will be fine.

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    VERY STRICT!!! WHEN THEY WANT TO BE. WE made it through two airports-New Orleans to North Carolina and then to Montego Bay going last year but coming home we were VERY VERY unpolitely told NO WAY!!! Montego Bay, no problem, but when we got to airport in Charlotte N.C. they were not only rude but insulted we had made it through their airport going the week before and it would not happen again! Our bag was only two inches to big and could be squashed down at least 4 inches. Really? It was a duffel bag type carry on. So, if you feel really lucky, take a chance and they will charge you before you can get on the plane. Good Luck.

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    We Flew US Airways last May and I made sure that my carry on was the correct size and not bigger. I did notice that they were making others with bigger carry on's check them when boarding the flight. Keep in mind that you can have two carry on item's. Hope this helps.

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    I've never seen them actually measure someone's bag but they do announce that if your bag does not fit into the overhead bin, that it will be checked & put below. There's always people with some bags that look much larger then my normal size carry on that's many years old & they allow them on.

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    Depending on what zone your in there may not be room for it even if they allow it and it will go with checked bags before you board.

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    I've only seen them check bags that were pretty obviously oversize, probably as justification to the owner that it had to be checked. I have also seen, at least a couple times, they announced that overhead storage was full and all carry on bags from that time had to be checked at the boarding desk. No charge for checking the bags in this case. And while we're talking about overhead storage: there are always people with bags way too big, usually the duffle bag type, that take up twice as much room in the overhead as everyone else. How the hell does this happen? Flying is no fun anymore.
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    I THINK -- though I'm not positive, that if you get it on the plane and there is not room for it in the overhead bin and it has to be put in the baggage compartment at that point, that at least you do not have to pay the $25 for checking the bag.

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    I have had it where they put my bag under the plane because the flight is full or it is a smaller plane and things don't fit. Sad part is we are going through Charlotte both ways. The planes all appear full at this point, we leave Saturday. I am just going to go with the size they stated. I have to check a bag anyway for my sunscreen (I am VERY pale and would not like to get burnt). Thanks everyone.

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    I don't understand why people try to bring carry on bags that are too big. They have rules for a reason and because people being suitcases on expecting them to bend the rules for them, people who obey the rules don't have space for their bags. Buy a suitcase that fits or don't complain when they reject yours.

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    I am a frequent business traveler, mostly on USAirways. Based on my experience, it is not the size of the carry-on that is a big deal, but rather the number of carry-ons. They are fairly strict on enforcing the two carry-on rule. I have seen many people scramble to combine three carry-ons into two in the gate area. Size of your carry-on may be an issue if you are flying a regional jet or even a turbo-prop. In those cases, they will give you a yellow tag to place on your bag and you pick up the bag when you land (either in the jetway or outside the plane if you are on a really small plane). If you are in the groups that are early to board (Groups 1-3), you should not have a problem finding space for your carry-on. However, later groups frequently get shut out of overhead space. As others have said, in this instance they check your bag (for free) to your final destination. You do not have to pick up your bag in the jet way in this instance; rather, it will be taken to the baggage claim area.

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