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Thread: Triple D!!!

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    Default Triple D!!!

    Double Digit Dance!!! Only 98 days until we return to CSS and SSB!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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    We are 47 days away from out first trip and can not wait. CN here we come

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    29 days until CTI!

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    52 days and a wake up till the Spears & Moricles arrive at CTI. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

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    31 days and a wake up till my soon-to-be wife and I,(June 7th), will be on the beach at CN and/or Jamaica for the first time on June 8th!!!

    Can't wait, skin is itching, need to get outta work SOON!!!

    away from KIDS....

    ALONE time with my honey on a beach !!! WOOT WOOT

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    24 days until CN

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    603 days for us!! 603? WTF!!

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